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Post by Eorl @ 12:38pm 17/01/12 | 3 Comments
Soulcalibur is among the most successful 3D arcade fighters, alongside 2D counterparts Street Fighter and The King of Fighters. Many days were spent by all ages at the local arcades, fighting your friends for that victorious "K.O." sound.

It's no surprise that Namco Bandai have decided to jump into the iOS market with their own version of Soulcalibur for smartphones, considering how successful other arcade fighters have been. Here is a quote from Japanese gaming news site Andriasang on what the iOS version of the popular arcade game will feature:
The iOS port of the classic arcade and Dreamcast fighting game features all 19 fighters and a mode list that includes arcade battle, time attack, survival, extra survival, practice and museum modes. Of these, time attack, survival and extra survival are compatible with Game Center's Leader Boards.
Soulcalibur for the iOS will be available January 19th, and is supported on the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 and iPad 2. No word on a Android supported app.

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Posted 01:23pm 17/1/12

Soul Calibur is a 3D arcade fighter.
Posted 01:56pm 17/1/12
Fixed that haha. The article I was reading was talking about 2D but in regards to Street Fighter and The King of Fighters.
Posted 05:51pm 17/1/12
but will i still be able to do nothing but throw my way to winning?
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