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Post by Eorl @ 03:32pm 16/01/12 | 6 Comments
While the strategy reboot by Firaxis, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, is still on track for a 2012 release, the FPS re-imagining by 2K Marin titled XCOM has apparently been delayed until 2013.

Some have called the new strategy FPS an alien to the XCOM franchise, it's still however disappointing to hear it's being delayed until such a later date, especially when it's been in development since 2007. However, if this means we get the reboot of the classic strategy title first, then maybe this is a win-win situation for gamers, and would at the very least allow people to enjoy the FPS version a lot more.

Leave us a comment on what you think about the delay, and whether this could be considered good or bad.


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Posted 04:13pm 16/1/12
I saw this one at E3 last year behind closed doors and thought that it actually looked kind of cool. I like the period the game is set in, and thought that the design of some of those aliens looked rad. One thing that stuck out when watching the demo was it reminded me of Mass Effect, mainly because of the squad command stuff, which I think could work well in an FPS. But you know how that system would work better? As a 3rd person Mass Effect.

This is a big delay for a game that's already been sitting around for quite a while, either they are seriously struggling to make this game enjoyable and are going back to make changes to levels, story, etc. Or they are making a big overhaul somewhere. I'm going to take a stab and say that closer to E3 we are going to find out why such a long delay. My guess, XCOM is no longer an FPS, its a 3rd person shooter with a cover system.
Posted 07:56pm 16/1/12
Looks pretty s*** watching the trailers imo.
Posted 08:03pm 16/1/12
It looked decent from what I saw, but f*** me if this isn't Polyphony and GT5 all over again. (ie looking no way near 5-6 years of development)
are there massive periods of downtime or something? I don' get it.
Posted 10:37pm 16/1/12
I'm one of those rabid original xcom fans that take it as an insult to myself these guys are trying to make a FPS out of it.

I'm also a rabid Fallout 1&2 Fan that was disapointed in all Fallouts thereafter, Fallout New Vegas (Not Fallout 3) is passable, they captured some of what made Fallout 1&2 great.

Comon Firaxis, don't this crusty rabid fan down!

O I also think Civ 4 is better then Civ 5, which is a shame, Civ 5 made some progress in some areas (hex!) and went backwards in otehr places.
Posted 10:52pm 16/1/12
Nostalgia is both an enemy and a blessing.
Posted 09:35am 17/1/12
While I agree with you Eorl, the reason why I hold those two games so highly is because they, imo at least, stand the test of time. I can go back and play them at any time and still great great amounts of enjoyment out of them. Indeed I do from time to time.

OK well, Fallout 1 I have trouble going back to, but Fallout 2 and UFO: Enemy Unknown hell yer!

So while nostalgia has an inflouence in those games I still think they are among the greatest games of all time (so far).
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