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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:46am 11/01/12 | 8 Comments
With news the less-than-well-received Homefront would be leaving the hands of the recently disbanded Kaos Studios and heading to TimeSplitters creators and Crysis 2 multiplayer development team, Crytek UK (formerly Free Radical), for its next iteration, it seems odd that THQ would be releasing a Homefront Ultimate Edition.

But that's what the publisher's future release schedule has listed, and given we know nothing about the next installment in the planned franchise, it's likely a good guess this is the first game plus both rounds of multiplayer DLC released thus far. It's still interesting THQ would want to promote a game that did so poorly critically, though from a sales perspective it certanily did well enough to have them invest in its future.

We'll look into this and give you a heads up as soon as we know more details about both the Ultimate Edition, and the next Crytek UK-developed sequel.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:54am 11/1/12
Surely they know no one plays their game now?
Posted 09:24am 11/1/12
Surely they know no one plays their game now?

lol. So true.
Posted 10:19am 11/1/12
yeah i was dumb enough to buy it /sigh i want a refund.
Posted 10:37am 11/1/12
Did it flop as badly as Brink, worst purchase I've made for while that one.
Posted 10:56am 11/1/12
I put a fair few hours into Homefront so I won't say it was bad value, and the gameplay was different to the usual, but now bf3 is out...
Posted 11:13am 11/1/12
I put a fair few hours into Homefront so I won't say it was bad value

Checked steam and i didnt make more than 1hr. Too much waiting around for NPCs to do their thing and the combat was s*** IMO. I put less time into brink though but that was mainly due to bugs/glitches around launch plus RQ while being spawn raped.
Posted 12:03pm 11/1/12
I actually enjoyed the Single player. Short as it was. But never tried multiplayer. I would have felt the game worth it if it had cost $30
Posted 01:22pm 11/1/12
I finished the SP in less than 3 hours, didn't touch it again.

I didn't pay for it though, I won it from AG :D
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