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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:34pm 10/01/12 | 9 Comments
According to French gaming site, Gamekyo, it certainly has. Whether the contents of this purported Collector's Edition are the same globally will remain to be seen, but at least half of it is cool.

According to the leaked image, the CE will include the following:
  • Three exclusive multiplayer weapons: M240 Flamethrower, M577 A2 Smart Gun, M41A Pulse Rifle upgrade.
  • Exclusive game mode: USCM (United States Colonial Marine Corps) Academy Firing Range.
  • Highly detailed resin power loader figurine.
  • USCM dossier.
  • Limited edition display box.
So the other not so hot content? Well it's the multiplayer head-starts really, which is seemingly a growing component of the average videogame Collector's Edition now. It could be perceived as much of a muchness, but when it's competitive multiplayer you're talking about, packaging in a head-start for people with more money than others just doesn't seem right, at least in my humble opinion.

Click here for a better look at the CE content image.

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Latest Comments
Cat Scratch
Posted 04:40pm 10/1/12
mmmmm Highly detailed resin power loader figurine Yes Please

not sure about the rest though

maybe the M240 Flamethrower
Posted 05:20pm 10/1/12
Battlefield 3 did it well, by making a weapon available to pre-orders as a early access, but everyone who didn't pre-order could still get it later on. And the Back To Kharkand being available to anyone who pre-ordered was nice to.
Posted 05:31pm 10/1/12
Hope this isnt more Sega rubbish and a total crap console port like the last one ((((
Posted 06:21pm 10/1/12
Exclusive game mode: USCM (United States Colonial Marine Corps) Academy Firing Rang.

Hey Steve what's a firing rang? Is it like a firing range?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:38pm 10/1/12
Site was down, and then I had to bail and do fatherly stuff, being the new Dad that I am ;)

(see what I did there?)
Posted 09:01pm 10/1/12
I don't like this avenue of including extra game content for a collectors edition, I'd much rather they stick with non-game content goodies.
Posted 10:04pm 10/1/12
This ones being made by Gearbox reverend, Rebellion did AvP
Posted 10:09am 11/1/12
f*** yeah
Loader figurine comes with an alien
Posted 10:17am 11/1/12
I would buy this in a second if it came with a full sized replica of the M41A pulse rifle. I probably wouldn't even care if it had a game with it!
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