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Sven Co-op, a Half-Life mod that enables gamers to take part in various cooperative game modes through working together to take down enemy NPCs and solving puzzles as a team, has received an update. Since its initial release in January, 1999, over 1000 custom cooperative scenarios have been created for the mod. Sven Co-op also allows the Half-Life, Half-Life: Uplink and Opposing Force single-player campaigns, and also Neil Manke's They Hunger, to be played cooperatively.

Here’s a snippet of what has changed or been added in version 4.6:
  • They Hunger Co-op: Episode 2
  • A new boss monster: The Kingpin
  • Many new and improved maps
  • Greatly improved HLSP and Opposing Force storyline support
  • Half-Life: Uplink co-op
  • Lots of powerful new mapping features
  • Tons of bug fixes and changes (egShock rifle secondary fire can now charge player HEV suits)
  • AI improvements
  • All-new custom sounds for the Bodyguard
Grab the download locally from AusGamers here and to find out what else has been added or tweaked, head on over to the change log right here.

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Your first news post at the new job and you stole it, tsk tsk :P

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