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Post by trog @ 11:01am 05/01/12 | 10 Comments
Microsoft's Kinect system hasn't gained a lot of traction amongst more hardcore gamers, but there's been a lot of curiosity about how it might be used in their preferred games. One possible example is shown by the enterprising team at PC Games Kinected, who have hooked it in to Skyrim:
Like the original Skyrim Kinect, you can use your arms to swing swords, cast spells, use your bow, or block with shieds. Movement, like walking/running and sneaking, is still handled with body movements and has seen an increase in precision. As a result, gameplay using the Bow is very enjoyable and preice.

As well, Voice Commands have been greatly improved. In Skyrim Kinect: Fus Ro Dah, you can use your voice to select up to 11 spells, to drink mana/health potions, to equip your sword/shield/bow, and to equip 2 different armor sets.

Voice Commands also allow you to say your favorite shouts (10 currently), by simply saying the dragon shout words of power. Not only can you say "Fus Ro Dah", you can also simply say "fus", or "fus roh". The majority of the shouts, which have multiple shout levels, use this approach.
You can check out a video of the gameplay in action with Kinect here. What do you think, enough to get you interested in Kinect?

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:20am 05/1/12
The motions aren't all that great, but the voice commands are amazing. (especially given that I played most of the game not knowing how to assign quick keys)
Posted 11:28am 05/1/12
MMM skyim
Posted 11:31am 05/1/12
I agree with Nerfy, the motions look awkward but for a game with so many selectables the voice control would be a great addition.
Posted 11:46am 05/1/12
screw standing up. I'd use some voice commands though.

I hear dark souls is much better than skyrim (console)
Posted 12:34pm 05/1/12
would be happy to stick to mouse and kb (for prescision movement) and add the voice commands for selectable items and sets, it seems to have a small delay but keeps you out of menu diving, thumbs up from me, well done to the guys working on this!
Posted 12:45pm 05/1/12
Dark Souls is better then Skyrim in terms of challenge. I found Skyrim too easy, which made it a bit dull after the mid way point. Once you hit level 40 the game just doesnt seem to scale enough.
Posted 01:05pm 05/1/12
Please correct the typo in your thread title, trog.
Last warning before I BANSTICK!
Posted 01:10pm 05/1/12
f*** now i want to play again. damn cool music
Posted 07:49pm 05/1/12
What happens if you were wounded in the knee with an arrow?
Posted 08:09pm 05/1/12
agree with everyone on the voice commands.
i still don't care much about kinect though.
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