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Post by Dan @ 03:05pm 04/01/12 | 5 Comments
According to a blog post by developer CCP (via: Gamefront), beta sign-ups have now opened for Dust 514, the ambitious upcoming console MMO first person shooter that intends to directly interact and influence the Universe of the Eve Online MMO.

Although the beta is technically public, it's being unusually restricted to reward CCP's existing customers. As Dust 514 is now PlayStation 3 exclusive, you'll obviously need a PS3 to get in on the action, but they're also only offering access to subscribers of the PC/Mac exclusive Eve Online.
It is with great joy that I can now officially announce that registration for DUST 514: Mordu’s Private Trials, our gated access beta test, has finally begun!

For now, registration is available exclusively to active subscribers of EVE Online who will join the pool of participants that we will be using to allow entry into early testing and special events for DUST 514. Registration for Mordu’s Private Trials does not guarantee entry, but as an active EVE subscriber, you are the first to have access to sign up for the closed beta.
Head over this way for the sign up page. Dust 514 is currently poised for an Autumn 2012 (US Spring) launch on PlayStation 3.

Update: Looks like this one is currently region restricted to US and EU at present (thanks Focumba).

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Posted 03:25pm 04/1/12
Hells yes!
Jump Jump Die
Posted 03:56pm 04/1/12
OMG YES....oh wait... I have to have a PS3? DURP. Stupid CCP.
Posted 09:24pm 04/1/12
"The DUST 514 private trials will be available only to residents of North America or the European Union / EEA, and all trials will be conducted in English."

Looks like we miss out for now.
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