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Post by Dan @ 10:29am 25/12/11 | 20 Comments
It's been another big year for AusGamers and a great year for quality games. On behalf of the AusGamers and Mammoth Media team, I'd like to wish every one a very Merry Christmas (or Festivus), a Happy New Year and a safe and pleasant holiday season in general.

Things will be operating in caretaker mode around here for the next week, but there's still a load of still-relevant content worth checking out in both our Reviews and Features sections, so have a browse if you want to know whether that new release game at the boxing day sale is worth buying or to get the low-down on some of the upcoming 2012 titles that we've had access to throughout the year.

We'll be back bigger than ever in 2012, with some bold new plans and a new addition to our editorial team to introduce, so expect even broader coverage of everything relevant to Australian Gamers in the new year.


Latest Comments
Posted 11:17am 25/12/11
Thank you,

Merry Christmas all, hope you were blessed with gaming greats and not so many duds.
Posted 11:48am 25/12/11
Merry Christmas all, enjoy the pressies and fill your bellies with delicious food and epic headshots.
Posted 12:53pm 25/12/11
Happy Holidays
Reverend Evil
Posted 01:02pm 25/12/11
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:53pm 25/12/11
A Festivus for the rest of us.

Thanks a bunch guys, you've been an amazing community to engage with and entertain this year, as always.

Catch you in the New Year
Posted 05:33pm 25/12/11
Thanks Reverend, we all appreciate the card :D

Did anyone get any sweet loot or buy any kick ass gifts? Got my younger bro a 560ti and 24" monitor :D
Posted 05:49pm 25/12/11
Thanks Reverend, we all appreciate the card :D

Did anyone get any sweet loot or buy any kick ass gifts? Got my younger bro a 560ti and 24" monitor :D

He cleaned up!

I got: Brisbane Broncos 2012 membership (renewal) broncos themed bordshorts, thongs, stubby cooler and watch.
Mos 2012 annual
Clothes and undies

I gave : bought my dad an Asus eepc
Built both my brothers a pc each
Bought mum some ds games and puzzle books
Posted 08:42pm 25/12/11
Got a Nerf gun f*** yes! Best mate gave me a jedi bear that he made at those do it yourself shops, put a creepy voice box in it. Got a toolbox from mother, camping chairs from browser and his gf, sis gave me a wicked watch. Bought myself a new desk and ps3 as well xD
Posted 09:09pm 25/12/11

Merry Bah Humbug
Posted 10:40pm 25/12/11
Merry Xmas to all! :D
Posted 01:52am 26/12/11
Happy Festivus Farrelly, howd the feats of strength go?
Posted 02:04am 26/12/11
Rev who is that?
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:03am 26/12/11
I don't know, but she's gorgeous.
Posted 11:45am 26/12/11
Hope you all had a great Christmas!
Posted 03:02pm 26/12/11
Rev who is that?

Haha I did a reverse image search trying to find out. No love. :(
Posted 04:08pm 26/12/11
tineye found a s*** load of results but no name
Posted 04:41pm 26/12/11
I don't know, but she's gorgeous

And jailbait, just the way I like it. I mean... shame on you Rev
Posted 05:18pm 26/12/11
That picture is many years old now, therefore she is no longer jailbait.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:13am 28/12/11
Happy Festivus Farrelly, howd the feats of strength go?
Awesome this year, had my younger brother tap out in less than a minute!
Posted 03:33pm 28/12/11
Lol, only 1 minute, it's a festivus miracle! Of course i found the airing of greivances to be thoroughly relieving as always. For next years Festivus take a gander and this They are known for their very high strength to weight ratio..
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