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Post by Dan @ 04:47pm 22/12/11 | 7 Comments
In an interview with PC Gamer, BioWare Director James Ohlen shared an interesting nugget about the recently launched Star Wars: The Old Republic: that in the early stages of development, before they had nailed down the Star Wars license with Lucasarts, the doors were wide open as to which story-rich property they might attach their game to.

Obviously all went well and they ended up building on the experience garnered from their original Knights of the Old Republic RPG, but some of the alternatives they were considering are very intriguing indeed:
“We had backup plans,” said Ohlen. “In all the design team was like three of us at that point, in total. So we were looking at doing a Lord of the Rings MMO, a Silmarillion MMO, a kind of a Gunslinger-esque Dark Tower MMO, a Game of Thrones MMO.”

“Each setting has different strengths, ” Ohlen added, describing the 10 page documents that the team drew up at an early design stage. “If we were going to do a Game of Thrones MMO, what kind of rules and what kind of gameplay elements would really bring that world to life? Each one had that, but we always focused on the story at the fore.” In those early stages, a compelling narrative was more important than the setting. “When we were first were deciding on what kind of game we were going to build, I really wanted to do a story-based massively multiplayer game because hey, it hadn’t been done before,”
To find out how their Star Wars venture turned out, swing by our latest review

Star Wars: The Old Republic launched yesterday in North America and Europe, but is not due for a local release in Australia until Autumn 2012.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:19pm 22/12/11
Game of thrones would have been uber :(
Posted 09:20pm 22/12/11
Game of thrones would have been uber :(

eh... have read all the books now including the latest... it's veeeeeeery slow moving.... winter still hasn't come :(

Posted 09:31pm 22/12/11
And mmo's are fast ?
Posted 09:35pm 22/12/11
Winter comes right at the end of the latest one :P

But yeah, I dunno about a Game of Thrones MMO, as much as I love the books I'm not sure how well it'd transition into a game. A Dark Tower one though could have been pretty interesting
Posted 09:36pm 22/12/11
yeah i don't think a game of thrones mmo would do very well.
Posted 10:18pm 22/12/11
As cool and unique as they might have been, given how delicate and uncertain a position SWTOR was in for a while there, I'm not sure that a license that wasn't Star Wars would have weathered the same storm.

Both Lucasarts and EA would have pumped some serious cashola into giving SWTOR the time it needed to get into the shape that it has and I highly doubt the same commitments would have been made for other IPs that don't carry anywhere near the same weight as Star Wars.

That said, I could totally get behind the Mass Effect team cranking on a Dark Tower solo RPG after they wrap ME3.
Posted 10:44pm 22/12/11
I would love to see a Dark Tower game fullstop, I simply love that series (perhaps moreso as King took a very long break between finishing the story - and when he was hit by a car you could almost see the Dark Tower falling).

IIRC Arcanum had some Dark Tower mods made for it back in the day.

Hile Gunslingers!

Sign me up for a Dark Tower game, the story is just so rich and surreal yet has that grounding in the known world. There are countless tangents you could head off on in that setting.
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