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Post by Dan @ 05:57am 20/12/11 | 84 Comments
Tis that part of the season again. Just in case you hadn't already emptied your wallets on holiday fare already, the annual Steam Holiday Sales have now kicked into top gear to entice you to purchase more games than you'll ever have the time to play.

There's also the obligitory giveaways happening over there, with the major prize actually being a bundle of "Every single game on Steam".
The Steam Holiday Sale is on now through Sunday, January 1, 2012. In addition to huge savings throughout the store, the 2011 sale features two special promotions that allow you to win like never before.

The Great Gift Pile challenges gamers to complete up to six objectives each day. Completion of each objective grants the chance to win a free game or discount coupons for select games available on Steam. If you don't win, no worries, you'll be given a piece of coal. But hold onto that coal!


Coal is the ticket to enter the Epic Holiday Giveaway. It's called Epic because the top prize is every game on Steam. The more coal you have, the better your chance of winning. Players may alternatively choose to magically mix their coal into something shiny and new by "crafting" seven pieces into a gift from the Great Gift Pile. So this year receiving coal is a good thing.
Kiss your digits goodbye and head over to for all the details.


Latest Comments
Posted 09:59am 20/12/11
F*****g wallet raping game vendor.

$13 gone on s*** i've been hanging out for.

Love it.
Posted 10:00am 20/12/11
Oh, apparently if you have steam rating of 10 you get free games as well. Though that was just some random comment on /v/.
Posted 10:01am 20/12/11
Posted 10:03am 20/12/11
Oh also, don't get Bunch of Heroes. Devs have left it to die and it's utterly s***.
Posted 10:15am 20/12/11
Games worth getting: Orcs Must Die ($3.74), Max Payne Bundle ($3.74). They also have a gift giveaway for doing achievements in games and all that jazz.
Posted 10:20am 20/12/11
Half the games are listed as 'Not available in your region'?
Weird, only game I see that's not available is Singularity.
Posted 10:28am 20/12/11
Which is a great game, recommend to anyone if they can get their hands on it. So it looks like the gifting if bugged out for some, going to see if restarting the client works. Apparently someone already got the all valve gifts, so jelly.

Edit, resetting the client does work. Got a 25% voucher for any Valve game. Sweet.
Posted 10:28am 20/12/11
Weird, only game I see that's not available is Singularity.

I highly recommend singularity. Not an awesome original shooter but it takes a few ideas from shooters and made a solid game. Good mix of shooting and special power usage.

And i also own/have gifted/recommend on special today:
Max Payne
Orcs must die
Just Cause 2
Metro 2033

I 2nd Eorl in 'Bunch of heroes is s***'. Got a torrent version and played for approx 30mins and never went back. Maybe coop would be fun but i just found it meh.
Posted 10:38am 20/12/11
Well apparently the achievement requires 4 players anyway, so it sounds like the developers are trying to cash in. Just bought Orcs Must Die, EDGE as I love those physics puzzles, and Anomaly Warzone Earth which looks like a wicked RTS.
Posted 10:44am 20/12/11
Noob mistake eorl. Dont buy unless on daily sale. Wait til final day.

Got edge via torrent. Was good but didnt like controls. Up should be Up IMO not north west as i think it was. I think they patched it with an option to change.

Anomaly got via torrent. Good change from normal tower defense as you try to pass/destroy the towers but found it too simple.
Posted 10:44am 20/12/11
They are all on the first day sale anyway, last day sales are the same price, just massive catalogue of the best of.
Posted 10:49am 20/12/11
They are all on the first day sale anyway, last day sales are the same price, just massive catalogue of the best of.

Nah, Anomaly is $5. It might go on daily sale in a few days and be $2.50. If it doesnt, you buy last day for $5. Small saving but when you multiply across heaps of games it adds up.

Terraria is $5 ATM but its near certain to go down to $2.50 and be on a daily sale soon enough yet its the 12th most bought game ATM.
Posted 10:50am 20/12/11
DeadlyDav0 has it.

Don't touch it unless you see it at the OMG it's ON SUPER SALE today (and if you miss that, sometimes they do a monster run at the end, tho sometimes not)
Posted 10:56am 20/12/11
Eh, with a game that $5, I don't really mind paying it now, and seeing it for $2.50 later. And then you also run the risk of it not appearing on the last day sales.
Posted 11:05am 20/12/11
Eorl. All games are discounted for the entirety of the sale. So even if they arent on mega daily sale, you can buy for same price last day.

Last day they often have the best daily sale sellers on sale again for those that missed which means maybe 10 games on super sale out of the 100 super sale games that week.

For 2 cheap games its not a big deal but i want Fallout 3 GOTY and its currently 50% off but i assume will go on daily sale soon enough for 75% off which is when i will buy it.
Posted 11:38am 20/12/11
So i got a 50% off any Valve game coupon, pretty useless IMO.
Posted 12:01pm 20/12/11
So i got a 50% off any Valve game coupon, pretty useless IMO.

Save it til a new release comes out. Half Life 2 Ep 3. lol.

I only got 33% off but i think i also got free copy of ARMA 1.
Posted 12:03pm 20/12/11
It won't work for new releases. I got a 25% one, and it says only valid from January 2nd to March 1st. Not valid with any games released after January 2nd.
Posted 12:05pm 20/12/11
Yeah, after reading it the discount doesnt seem pretty useless. Why wait til 2012 to use 25-50% off when you can grab em now for more than 50% off.
Posted 12:11pm 20/12/11
I got a -50% off a valve game. I won't use it though. Will swap for coal.
Posted 12:16pm 20/12/11
Posted 12:26pm 20/12/11
Is Orcs Must Die any good? Thinking of getting it.
Posted 12:32pm 20/12/11
How do you swap for coal? And yes, Orcs Must Die is amazing.
Posted 12:40pm 20/12/11
You can get the WB pack for $75 which has Arkham City in it which is still going for $99.
Posted 12:47pm 20/12/11
Orcs Must Die is fun, a must have if you like tower defense games.

Amnesia is on sale again for $5, easily the most intense game I've ever played, nothing comes close.
Posted 01:05pm 20/12/11
What's the go with the steam rating of 10?

Edit: I read it. don't worry.
Posted 04:34pm 20/12/11
Is Orcs Must Die any good? Thinking of getting it.

Yes. 3rd person tower defense. Good mix of combat (spells or weapons) and using your towers.

Amnesia is on sale again for $5, easily the most intense game I've ever played, nothing comes close.

Agreed. Slow pace but there are some seriously freaky parts.
Posted 05:04pm 20/12/11
I grabbed Amnesia, from the bits I've seen, it sort of reminds me of the first two thief games.
Posted 05:17pm 20/12/11
Haha, not even close.
The Thief games are suspenseful, but they don't have monsters and environments in them that make you s*** your pants every 5 minutes.
Posted 05:55pm 20/12/11
The cathedral and the cradle might beg to differ, depending on one's bravery level and reference for suspenseful. :P
Posted 05:56pm 20/12/11
You can get the WB pack for $75 which has Arkham City in it which is still going for $99.

That is worth the cost alone as it includes the Nightwing and Robin DLC's.
Posted 06:30pm 20/12/11
i've got 50% off Silent Hill Homecoming as my gift from steam, if anyone wants it PM me and i'll gift it
Posted 11:44am 21/12/11
New set of games on sale.

Also, the Warner Brothers pack has disappeared from steam, which is a shame, it was exceptionally good value, but I didn't buy it :(

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Posted 12:03pm 21/12/11
Second day

Today I am buying the Double Fine pack which includes Physchonauts and Costume Quest, and Recettear as I have heard good things about that.
Posted 11:54am 21/12/11
lol @ MW2 for $45, they have no shame.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 06:42am 22/12/11
Batman: Arkham City 50%.... Damn you Steam!!!!!
Posted 08:53am 22/12/11
Batman: Arkham City 50%.... Damn you Steam!!!!!

VPN time! $25 for Arkham City is win.
Posted 07:54pm 26/12/11
Alice Madness Returns is 75% off today, I'm sort of intrigued.

The UI on this sale is really working against them, at least with me, I don't know what anything is or how much half of it costs.
Posted 09:00pm 26/12/11
Yeah the UI is a bit inconsistent.

On each game tile in the first 'screen' sometimes it'll show the percent but not always the price, and when you click on the tile to show the details of the game sometimes it shows the percent off with the price, sometimes the percent off without the price, and sometimes it shows neither until you click right through.
Also, the carousel breaks middle click to open in a new tab.
Posted 10:27pm 26/12/11
I'm also finding that some of the games don't even have the name, just a picture...
Posted 01:25am 27/12/11
Is there anybody on here who can gift me games for the USA pricing and not AUS.

Ive done the VPN thing before and i did it yesterday but tried again tonight with two different VPNs and my visa debit card (same that i used last night) kept getting rejected. Was going to setup a USA paypal but it needs a different card number and i only have 1. Figured it would be much easier if somebody here regularly does the VPN thing with success and wouldnt mind helping me out. Thanks.
Posted 08:59pm 27/12/11
So far I have not spent a cent on games with this sale which is truly disappointing.

If Skyrim is 50% or more off though that may change.
Posted 09:03pm 27/12/11
Yeah, the games that have been listed in the achievements, I've already owned a majority. The rest are just meh. Maybe it's because this year had a crap load of good games, and I went and bought them all on release. That or BF3 has made me hate other games :S
Posted 09:37pm 27/12/11
Skyrim was 50% off the other day, but it might still be better value to just get it from an overseas key site (can't remember which one I ended up using, possibly greenman gaming).

I bought Alice and Amnesia, though have been playing a s***load of DC Universe Online which was free. (was moping around in the free section on steam, trying to put off the old republic, and found something half as addicting anyway...)
Posted 10:03pm 27/12/11
It was 30% off Nerfy.
Posted 10:11pm 27/12/11
Ah sorry, I was thinking of Arkham City.
Posted 11:49pm 27/12/11
If Skyrim is 50% or more off though that may change.

lol. Doubt it. Just buy a russian key and activate on VPN for a little over $20.

Ive been buying heaps of cheap games for a console mate that just got into PC gaming and has never played old classics like max payne or far cry.
Also getting a few games for coop play like rock of ages and terraria.
And picking up a few old games ive played before but wanted on steam (fallout 3 GOTY, max payne 2).
Posted 09:19am 28/12/11
Anyone else having problems buying things on Steam over VPN? I tried this morning for 20 minutes and kept getting my Visa card bounced with an unknown error and when I tried Paypal, it was just closing before the order submitted. Teaches me to leave getting stuff to the last minute, but sucks as I really wanted to pick up Sonic for cheap.
Posted 09:22am 28/12/11
Posted 09:23am 28/12/11
Yeah, that's the fallback however it's not $10 :)
Posted 10:14am 28/12/11
Yeah, that's the fallback however it's not $10 :)

ah my bad, didn't realise the vpn price was that low :)
Posted 10:21am 28/12/11
Anyone else having problems buying things on Steam over VPN? I tried this morning for 20 minutes and kept getting my Visa card bounced with an unknown error and when I tried Paypal, it was just closing before the order submitted. Teaches me to leave getting stuff to the last minute, but sucks as I really wanted to pick up Sonic for cheap.

Ya. I used VPN + credit card a few days ago n 100% success then tried the same card and 2 different VPNs the next day without success. Paypal needs to be USA paypal if using VPN cause AUS paypal for USA VPN will be rejected.
Posted 10:22am 28/12/11
That's ok, I remembered that Amazon are doing some pretty amazing digital deals this Xmas period too & Sonic was one of today's deals for $10.19. It's for American customers only, but apparently they're cool if you just say you have a US Street Address (ie. no geolocation stuff). Win!
Posted 01:08pm 29/12/11
Serious Sam 3 is on sale for $20, planning on buying that a bit later today.
Posted 07:49am 31/12/11
Can anyone give me some feed back on

- Civilization 5
- Command and Conquer 4
- Dungeon Siege 3
Posted 08:24am 31/12/11
- Civilization 5 - Solid game, some people prefer Civ IV to it though. Use a VPN or get a friend in the US to buy it for you though (it has Aussie tax on it).
- Command and Conquer 4 - If you're interested in playing the saga's storyline out to see how it ends, sure. I wouldn't pay more than $5 for it though.
- Dungeon Siege 3 - Nothing like the first two. Can't comment much beyond that.

How's everyone going with the Achievement grind competition? I'm sick of seeing crappy coupons for crappy games that I have no intention of ever playing, but also doubly upset that I'm yet to pick up a copy of something truly terrible (like Basketball Manager Sim 2010).
Posted 08:30am 31/12/11
I'm not even trying for achievements beyond the really simple ones, like recommending a game etc. Maybe it's just that I've been in a full swing buying games this year, but the sale has been really unexciting so far.

Civ 5 is ok, but feels like they purposefully left a great deal out which they could later re-add with expansions. I don't really like it particularly because the atmosphere feels lacking - leader avatars don't change throughout the ages etc, it's barely noticeable going from the stone age to the space age. They added pretty hexagons tiles though, which are pretty cool.
Posted 10:11am 31/12/11
Never played any of the civ games before but found civ5 to be an awesome mix of tactical combat and strategic town building.

Dungeon siege 3 really is s*** compared to the previous 2. Ive wanted a new RPG for ages and really tried with it but found it crap. Its designed for coop too. Maybe try lord of the rings war in the north. Not as much RPG but im thoroughly enjoying the combat even though im playing solo.
Posted 08:39am 31/12/11
Also f*** you @ Team Meat for today's daily achievement for SMB:

The Golden Gift! - Complete all levels in "The Kids Xmas" chapter in super meat world IN ONE PLAY SESSION.

I don't know if anyone's ever played I Wanna be the Guy (The Movie: the Game), but take levels based off that game dropped into SMB and then set an achievement to complete the Christmas versions of them to probably win a lump of coal or a copy of Bad Rats.

yeah, pass.

Posted 09:12am 31/12/11
I managed to hook myself Assassins Creed: Revelations and the Orange Box set. Traded Revelations for Dota 2, god it's a good game, so much nicer then HoN. And giving Orange Box to girlfriend, she loves the Valve games.
Posted 09:20am 31/12/11
Any feedback on how Dota 2 compares to LoL?

I just grabbed Universe Sandbox to make galaxies do space things, woo.
Posted 09:33am 31/12/11
I'm keen on Dota2, largely because I should be able to trade it for another decent game on Steam ;)
Posted 09:49am 31/12/11
It's great, so much of an improvement. Everything is responsive, the heroes feel a lot nicer and easier to understand, artwork is beautiful. I like being able to jump in and watch other peoples games, really cool to learn how the heroes are played by other people. It's pretty much as I said, a HoN but nicer community and cleaner interface.

Oh yeah, and then Super Meat Boy achievement is totally stupid and not do-able. That and the SQL database has been hacked so no one can actually complete it. Good job d****. Also looks at Binding of Isaac achievement, also not do able without changing a .ini file. They really don't understand how these achievements usually work and what they really do (i.e. make people buy the game and want to continue playing it/introduce them).
Posted 10:05am 31/12/11
The space simulator is pretty bad on the performance side... Crashed the first two times I started it too.
Posted 10:09am 31/12/11
The BoI achievement is totally doable, the issue I've seen is more that people can't get Steam to recognise the achievement & give you your item from the gift pile. I had to quit BoI and re-load it in order for the Achievement to fire, but agree that it's a bit s***** in respect to the hassle.

Especially when they pay-off ends up being a coupon for 50% off some crappy indie title.
Posted 10:09am 31/12/11
F U EORL!!!! Know anybody who would be willing to trade for dota 2? Hell, ill buy em whatever they want within reason to get in on that beta. And as for the community, IMO the only reason they are better than hon is cause hon is now free-to-play and is filled with noobs that rage and cause people to rage where as dota 2 is pretty much invite only so its the more experienced players that know better.

F*****g love hon. Best $30 investment ever. Dont wanna even think how many hundred hours ive lost playing it.
Posted 10:17am 31/12/11
I love HoN as well, amazing game, and I'm not the ebst player of MOBA games, but I do my best and try and flank/defend/attack. At the moment DOTA 2 is only invite, but I presume it will go F2P as well, like TF2. Go on /v/, you'll find a heap of people trading DOTA 2 for something. That or try Reddit/Steam trade forums.
Posted 07:44pm 01/1/12
Unless you're really keen on Valve discount vouchers or a rare chance to score one of their games, stop crafting coal as there's no more 3rd party titles left in the Gift Pile.
Posted 09:13am 02/1/12
Yeah, made me sad :( Though I'm going for the achivements now, don't have L4D or L4D2, and the girlfriend would love me if I got one.
Posted 10:17am 02/1/12
I have bought nothing. and to be honest, I put it down to region bs pricing.
I almost despise purchasing from steam anymore, I'd rather go use one of the many known legitimate far, far cheaper cd key sites which most can be plugged into steam anyway. Or order from anonline store (hurry up fixah) like ozgameshop and wait for the physical medium to arrive.
Posted 01:59pm 02/1/12
Does anyone actually have L4D or L4D2 that they would want to trade for valve vouchers, Vegas Make it Big or 50% Kane and Lynch 2.
Posted 02:13pm 02/1/12
Anyone know if the vpn trick still works?
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