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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:28pm 15/12/11 | 9 Comments
Yesterday we reported on some sleuthy work by Alan Wake fans who found a registry entry in Steam for Alan Wake, a game that was previously Xbox 360 exclusive.

Today (or at least very, very early this morning), Remedy revealed at a press conference in London that the game is indeed coming to PC via Steam, and will come with both DLC packs that came post-release, The Signal and The Writer. Alan Wake PC will be available in the early part of 2012, though no specific release date was given.

You can check out our review of Alan Wake for Xbox 360 right here, while a single PC screen for the game can be seen by clicking here.

Currently there's no word on how much the game might have changed from its 360 original, but given the studio's pedigree, I'm going to put money on at least a visual make-over.

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Posted 01:40pm 15/12/11 1 purchase for me :)
Posted 03:29pm 15/12/11
good news for the PC and I hope the release is successful enough to not justify abandoning the platform for good.
Posted 03:32pm 15/12/11
Played about 3 hours of the original and really enjoyed it. Not sure why I never finished it but yeah i'll buy this for sure.

EDIT - Oh thats why. My 360 (3rd one I bought) broke and have like 4 unfinished games for it.

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Posted 03:30pm 15/12/11
Posted 04:57pm 15/12/11
The last DLC they released was kickarse, I'd be interested in just seeing how good this looks on PC.
Posted 09:13pm 15/12/11
i was pumped when this was coming on PC, then it got canned and only for xbox so i was pissed.

too little too late, I not buying this s***.
Posted 09:20pm 15/12/11
I'm going to play through it again, then I'm going to have to watch Twin Peaks.
Posted 09:30pm 15/12/11
Sweet, always love my thrillers.
Posted 04:55pm 16/12/11
Cool sounds good
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