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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:44am 14/12/11 | 2 Comments
You've hopefully already had a read of my playthrough with Yager's Spec Ops: The Line, a third-person cover shooter set in a sand-blasted Dubai, which has equally hopefully left you wanting to know more about the game.

Thankfully while they were out here, we took the liberty of grilling both 2K Games and Yager on development of the title, including why it's taken so long for it to get here (among much more).

"We’ve been just really trying to push the envelope and we’re not going to go out with this game until we’re extremely happy with it and I think now is the perfect time," 2K Games' Chris Thomas told us. "Now, we’re all really happy with the narrative and really happy with the gameplay."

"Honestly, that’s one of the best things about working with these guys [2K Games], is the “don’t ship it until it’s done” philosophy, which is awesome," added Yager's Shawn Frison of the extra development time."As a developer, if you don’t get time to polish, there’s always those things where you’re like “oh man, if we’d just had a little longer to put in this thing that we wanted to do!"

You can catch the full interview in both video and transcribed form, which goes into the game's heavily mature narrative, bringing Nolan North on board for the lead role and using sand as a strategic weapon, among much, much more.

Click here for the full interview feature.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:54am 23/1/12
Nice, pity we didn't get an expected $$$ on this title. I remember playing the original spec ops on the old playstation with a mate. Great times, beer in hand. Looks like this will be reserved for some splitscreen fun on the xbox 360, beer in hand. Bring it on! XD
Posted 11:13pm 10/2/12
Guys over at co-optimus whom spoke to the publishers said that the co-op mode is cancelled. This game is dead.
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