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Post by trog @ 03:55pm 13/12/11 | 21 Comments
Activision have just announced that the very recently released Modern Warfare 3 has hit $1 billion dollars in only 16 days:
Highlighting the trend of interactive entertainment gaining a greater hold of audiences worldwide, the game achieved this milestone in just 16 days, eclipsing the record set in 2009 by the feature film "Avatar," which reached the $1 billion milestone in 17 days.

While 2011 box office revenue is on the decline — down 4 percent this year at $9.4 billion, compared with $9.8 billion in 2010 -- the number of people purchasing and participating in gaming is on the rise, with no sign of slowing.(1) With more than 30 million gamers, the Call of Duty community now exceeds the combined populations of the cities of New York, London, Tokyo, Paris and Madrid.
If those numbers aren't enough to make you want to check it out, have a read of our review for a closer look.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:15pm 13/12/11
Holy hell, no wonder they pump this franchise out every year, what business wouldn't.
Posted 04:18pm 13/12/11
This makes me feel sick. Console kids are taking over!
Posted 04:26pm 13/12/11
This makes me feel sick. Console kids are taking over!
Nice mario avatar.
Posted 04:33pm 13/12/11
Mario is actually a good series
Posted 04:33pm 13/12/11
Compairing movies to games isn't exactly fair. 2 different types of entertainment and 2 big differences in cost. For starters over in the US a movie ticket is what? $10? Games cost $50. So FAR fewer people bought MW3 than people who saw avatar. here it's even worse with tickets costing about $17 and games $80ish give or take.

Now i'm terrible at math but doesn't that work out to 20 million actual sales in the US? Meanwhile over 100 millon people went to see avatar? 20 million sales is still an impressive number and I can see why, fast action in a close quaters map. Mindless, shut your brain off fps which lots of people find fun.

Not for me though.

Posted 04:45pm 13/12/11
I'll stick to my battlefield :)
Posted 04:50pm 13/12/11
yea, howd BF3's numbers compare?

+1 to consoles being ghey
Posted 04:56pm 13/12/11
probably a drop in the ocean

not that i give a s***, it's the best f*****g thing i've played in a long time

haven't been this addicted since early cs days
Posted 04:56pm 13/12/11
I'd say maybe a couple of million sales worldwide.
Posted 05:20pm 13/12/11
I too suffer from an addiction to Battle Field 3
Posted 05:19pm 13/12/11
Any game can make only half a million sales and come up a positive. It's much easier and cheaper to make a game now then it was a while back.

What I don't like about COD the most, is that it sets this terrible trend for the industry, in that everyone will want a slice of the money COD brings in. So they develop comparitively low gameplay, and rather then make a good game, they make a meh game, and then try to pump it out for the COD audience. It's poision for the industry, and I hope Activision push COD more so people get less enthusiastic, and let it die.
Posted 05:20pm 13/12/11
I hope that they do with CoD what they did with the Guitar Hero series. Run it into the ground so they can put the whole thing on the shelf and forget about it.
Posted 06:58pm 13/12/11
That's a lot of clams! So another COD next year?
Posted 07:51pm 13/12/11
That's a lot of clams! So another COD next year?

Interesting that MW3 wasn't ground breaking because consoles haven't changed in over 5 years. I still think it's MW2.b
Posted 08:25pm 13/12/11
It kind of makes me sick that they'll make $1b+ once a year now just releasing a new map pack every 12 months. Impressive figures none the less. Still wouldn't piss on it if it was on fire, BF3 4 lyfe.
Posted 09:42pm 13/12/11
This makes me feel sick. Console kids are taking over!

Posted 11:16pm 13/12/11
Yeh I agree DM. A movie has to get 2-4 customers to reach the dollar value of one gaming customer.

Love that pic teq!
Posted 12:46am 14/12/11
yeah that pic was awsome
Posted 01:29am 14/12/11
f*** me $1bil for an expansion, sigh.
Posted 09:04pm 14/12/11
it's a pretty fun game. yeah it hasn't changed a thing since COD4, but i enjoy having a bash with mates everynow and then, when i'm having a break from skyrim.

Still UO is the best thing in the whole COD series.
Posted 09:15pm 14/12/11
I've got this good idea for a game, lets make COD but during WW2!
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