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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:56am 13/12/11 | 20 Comments
While I'd hardly consider "best character in a videogame" a serious award, the Spike TV VGAs still pushes it as part of their end-of-year event, and this year's winner, The Joker, of Batman: Arkham City fame, used his acceptance speech to potentially give us something tasty regarding Rocksteady's next Batman outing.

It's not much, but the Clown Prince of Crime is seen holding a script entitled "Batman: Arkham World" as he accepts the award for "Best Videogame Character" (fitting he should win such a farcical thing, too) before he throws it away saying "Whoops, spoilers!", leaving us questioning where this might actually go.

There's definitely a lot that happens in Arkham City to suggest a big follow-up, and Warner and Rocksteady would have to be stupid not to be working on a sequel, so we'll chalk this one up to being a legitimate tease at the series' future.

So where could "Arkham World" take the franchise next? Speculation and suggestions, are of course, welcome.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:06am 13/12/11
I'm not sure how feasible it is, but for me, the next logical step would be all of Gotham at your finger-tips (and hey, maybe even Metropolis, too). I'd also love to be able to drive the Batmobile around and just have a bigger sandbox Batman experience
Posted 10:08am 13/12/11
I'm still betting on a more Ra's Al Ghul driven game, I mean sure he died, but hes Ra's, theres no way he wont be back, and it was obvious he had some bigger plan at work that Arkham City was only a part of.

and hey, maybe even Metropolis, too

Maybe Bludhaven? Cos they do talk about Bludhaven a bit in Arkham City (well the random goons do)
Posted 10:07am 13/12/11
Sounds right. They would probably include a bit of the other super heroes to, maybe. Seriously though, Rocksteady needs to just make other superhero games. Give us some Superman, some Ironman and some good ol' Thor.
Posted 10:09am 13/12/11
Pretty sure you wont see Ironman and Thor from Rocksteady, since they're Marvel properties, and Rocksteady is a Warner Brother's studio (Warner Brothers being the ones that own DC). But I'd love to see them tackle a Superman and/or Green Lantern game. Maybe even the Flash.
Posted 10:12am 13/12/11
Oh yeah true, ah well, just more superhero games from them would be awesome. They are one of the best developers for superhero titles, and if they supplement Batman for Superman and give us some good lore, I'd be in nerd heaven.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:15am 13/12/11
Hawkeye would be rad

Azrael obviously also has a bigger part to play in any sequel to AC
Posted 10:19am 13/12/11
It would have to be Gotham. I'd be surprised if the Batmobile/Wing didn't make a showing. I'd also say that the DC writers are likely to use this 'new' medium (lolz) to continue the Batman story arc. Comic book/Video games mash ups. Why not?
Posted 10:30am 13/12/11
One would hope whatever they're working on next, they'll develop it for the next gen console platforms. Would make an awesome launch titled for the next xbox or playstation.
Posted 10:34am 13/12/11
I reckon it'd be awesome to get out of Gotham and have a bit of globe-trotting adventure. It'd fit too, especially if Ra's is the main bad guy, cos hes not a Gotham villain, he operates on a global scale. Might be a bit too ambitious though
Posted 10:35am 13/12/11
justice league game plzkthx
Posted 10:41am 13/12/11
Here's a vid of the speech.

wouldn't surprise me if they worked more on the multiple playable characters. The cat women touch was fantastic but too short. Would be awesome to have parallel running storylines.
Posted 10:44am 13/12/11
Given that the last two outings have been f*****g awesome, any sequal Rocksteady do is bound to be completely awesome. I really, really hope they continue the story, because it's so awesome. Spoiler:
Though I will miss the Joker, but with Harely preggers who knows what'll happen! Maybe a crazy little baby Joker.

If they were to do other superheroes I reckon they should hit up John Constantine. He's from a really awesome world and it'd make for some awesome sandbox detective game. I don't think I would be interested in a Superman comic. He's a bit boring as a character imo.
Posted 10:54am 13/12/11
I remember the Constantine movie. Was pretty damn good. Had a very interesting detective kind of feel.
Posted 11:32am 13/12/11
The comics that feature Constatine are so much different to the movie.
Posted 06:02pm 13/12/11
Ergh! I always hate it when other superheroes from the DC universe invade a Batman comic, but..... I can't wait to hear more about the inevitable next Arkham universe. Arkham City is the most fun I've had from any game this whole year. Scratch that, past 2 years.
Posted 06:11pm 13/12/11
Next stop "Batman: Arkham Galaxy"
Posted 06:20pm 13/12/11
Next stop "Batman: Arkham Galaxy"

I'd pay for that. Batman already goes in space in Batman Brave and the Bold. He also fights apes on pterodactyls.
Posted 07:20pm 13/12/11
Yeah I've been reading The New 52 and so far Superman does not impress, more liking all the Batman comics and even Justice League Dark
Posted 07:24pm 13/12/11
I remember the Constantine movie. Was pretty damn good.

Yeah same here. Even my mum loves it and has watched it like 4 times. Though from what I know of the comic character he doesn't fight much. He mostly tricks/out thinks the demons or whatever he fights into traps and such. I thought that came through though in the last scene.
Posted 07:37pm 13/12/11
Crap. I see spoilers in here.

Run away!
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