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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:10pm 11/12/11 | 18 Comments
AusGamers was given the chance to speak exclusively with BioWare's Dr. Ray Myzuka and Command & Conquer: Generals 2 lead, Jon Van Caneghem (who also co-created the Might & Magic series), about the creation of BioWare Victory -- a new strategy development arm of the BioWare dev family, and their first project, Command & Conquer: Generals 2.

We broach topics relating to the cheesiness of the C&C series (and how this entry is different in that regard), the creation of BioWare Victory and if BioWare is being spread too thin as a developer at EA.

Click here for the full interview.

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Posted 02:35pm 11/12/11
Sounds like it could be pretty awesome.

More into the Tiberium universe though to be honest ... anyone know what this is about? (embedding disabled, trailer of CNC5, apparently cancelled).
Posted 03:26pm 11/12/11
C&C Generals 2 on the Frostbite 2 Engine? Oh god I need new pants.

Is there any videos out yet?

edit: heaps of info here:


coming 2013 :(

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Posted 03:32pm 11/12/11
Yeah. there's a teaser exclusive to gametrailers , it's a pretty poor quality, washed out encoding though. Hard to really appreciate frostbite 2 in it imo. Am going to reserve judgement until we get a proper high res clip.
Posted 03:45pm 11/12/11
Posted 03:54pm 11/12/11
Posted 04:05pm 11/12/11
Doesn't look like ingame footage to me. But looks decent.
Posted 04:52pm 11/12/11
Posted 05:02pm 11/12/11
EA are spreading BioWare too thin

I can see EA eventually becoming BioWarEA .. okay no that's stupid.
Posted 06:01pm 11/12/11
Is it just me, or are the US forces in the trailer all decked out in yellow colouring? They wouldn't be trying to tie this into the first C&C... would they?
Posted 08:17pm 11/12/11
Bioware doing a RTS is blowing my mind - although yes definitely spread thin - 2 new games coming and they are launching a MMO in a week? jeas.
Posted 08:22pm 11/12/11
It's not really bioware though, it's a whole new team that's come under the bioware banner.
Posted 10:13pm 11/12/11
I don't care if it's bioware, I personally don't hold them in such high esteem. All I care about is that it plays and feels more like Generals and less like RA3 and beyond. What would be truly awesome is if Westwood popped up and made a new C&C game.
Posted 04:10am 12/12/11
It's not really bioware though, it's a whole new team that's come under the bioware banner.

I would assume though it still comes under bioware management, direction and QA - even if it is a new team in a new location - Bioware has always struck me in a similar way to Blizzard or Valve in that brand protection (releasing good products under the name) has been an important part of their culture. EIther that or EA has ruined them already.
Posted 12:07pm 12/12/11
"Ever-Evolving Experience — Enhance your game with an expanding array of downloadable content. From maps and units to factions, campaigns, and more, the fight against terrorism is deeper than ever. "

Far out, that's not good news at all.
Posted 09:46pm 12/12/11
sweeeet! this could be good

f*** im still pissed off at red alert 3 tho
Posted 12:10pm 15/12/11
C&C4 and Red Alert 3 were both terrible games. Let's hope this can revive the C&C franchise...
Posted 12:17pm 15/12/11
the only good red alert game was number 1

generals was awesome, hope they don't let down the team like all the sequels have for these c&c games
Posted 04:41am 23/1/12
I don't expect it to be more that Generals 2 in name only. It never works out this way in reality, looks like it another hijack job. Just look at the stupid vehicles in the screenie, what tank or helicopter are they exactly modeled off? Where's the reality here? Doesn't have anything to do with generals! Not saying it won't be good its just not Generals imo.
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