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Post by Dan @ 03:19pm 09/12/11 | 12 Comments
Back when Valve first implemented all of that new fancy social networking functionality on the Steam service, we were a little late to the party and some squatters beat us to the AusGamers name. Among all of the holiday season bustle this year, we finally took some steps to remedy this and thanks to the fine folk at Valve, it has been liberated!

We know a lot of our readers use and enjoy Steam, so what better way to hookup with some local and like-minded individuals for gaming good times than joining the AusGamers Steam group. There's not a whole lot going on there at the moment, but who knows, in the future we just might use it as another platform for some giveaways or maybe even some actual game tournaments! How good would that be?

Whatever the possibilities, they're not going to happen unless we get some recruits happening, so head over and join us. One of us! One of us!


Latest Comments
Posted 07:55pm 09/12/11
Now i have to match steam names with aus gamer names...
Posted 08:04pm 09/12/11
Upcoming Events _
AusGamers has 0 upcoming events in the next 2 weeks

Business as usual ;D
Posted 08:34pm 09/12/11
Why didn't you just rename the existing QGL one? Unpossible?
Some Fat Bastard
Posted 08:37pm 09/12/11
I might join when I get my gaming PC up and running again, soon (I am upgrading ATM).

My Steam nick swaps between "Thick as 2 Planks" or "Jock Rot". Main games I play are DOD: Source and Red Orchestra 2.

SomeFatBastard was the nick I used in Q1, Q2 and Q3.
Posted 08:43pm 09/12/11
There's no way for the people I have angered on these forums to hunt me down and kill me through steam is there? Currently I only have to live in fear of Hog selling my email address.
Posted 10:37pm 09/12/11
How is Red Orchestra 2 fairing? I remember reading about it's rough release.
Posted 10:38pm 09/12/11
Good enough for what it is. Population is similar to Arma.
Posted 12:55am 10/12/11
So pretty well you guys stole someones group name , poor form!
Posted 01:07am 10/12/11
So pretty well you guys stole someones group name , poor form!
Right, if you consider it ownership to found a group that had zero activity in 4 years and only the founder as a member, who was also the founder and sole member of dozens of other inactive groups.

And if you consider it stealing to acquire the group license by providing proof of registered trademark to the private company that hosts and administers said group.

Poor form indeed.
Some Fat Bastard
Posted 01:24am 10/12/11
Red Orchestra 2 is great. I find I'm pathetic so far but if you are good you'd have a lot of fun. Especially the Tanks. Good teamwork is required. Tank requires a crew to do best. More realistic that RO1.
Posted 09:34am 10/12/11
Intredasting. I'm thinking of picking it up during the Christmas sales.
Posted 10:01am 10/12/11
just rename qgl group
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