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Post by Dan @ 04:51pm 06/12/11 | 7 Comments
At this time of year -- when so many of the biggest games we've been looking forward to have just been released -- most media focus turns to what else is coming up. But there aren't any big gaming trade shows at this end of the year, so publishers turn to the next best thing for their big reveals that can't wait: a kitschy MTV award show called the Spike VGAs.

This year's Spike VGA's will hit the waves and tubes this Saturday December 10th 2011 (so Sunday morning here in Australia) and Irrational Games and 2K will be among those present, showing off a new trailer for the hotly anticipated BioShock: Infinite. Click here for a teasery still from said trailer below for a closer look and be sure to stop by AusGamers on Monday, where we'll have as many of these trailers online as possible, hopefully free of any MTV douchery.

bioshock infinitescreenshotirrational games
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:01pm 06/12/11
Haha now this is getting pathetic, first we get f*****g guns, now it's a screen shot of a teaser. Not a trailer, a f*****g teaser.

I am waiting for the 3 tier announcement scenario. Announcement for an announcement for a teaser of a gun screenshot.
Posted 05:08pm 06/12/11
Settle down. The publisher/developer didn't make a big song and dance about releasing this image, GTV released it as an anticipatory thing for the awards. Rockstar are pretty much the only publisher that make a consistently massive deal about upcoming trailer releases.

I was more just using it as a reasonable excuse to remind people the expect some meaty new reveals this Sunday.
Posted 05:35pm 06/12/11
Why is this game taking so fkn long to come out? Seems like it was announced yrs ago.
Posted 09:13pm 06/12/11
Going by that screenshot, if I didn't know it was Bioshock, i'd say it was a nextgen Monopoly game.
Posted 09:18pm 06/12/11
was never interested in the previous bioshock games, but this one looks awesome.
Posted 12:33pm 10/12/11
Oh no! run! it's, it's him! the crazed creation of Rapture!


Quick! everyone! into the fancy hotel!

Posted 12:57pm 10/12/11
Lots of sweet games have been released lately. Maybe the devs just didn't want their creation to be lost amongst em?
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