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Post by Dan @ 03:15pm 06/12/11 | 6 Comments
Just in case there wasn't already enough new games on offer this holiday season, online retailer have announced some their holiday season sales, reminding us that there's a whole heap of older games still worth emptying your wallets for, as well as a seriously good deal on The Witcher 2. will start their holiday sales and get in the holiday spirit by putting together an incredible package deal on the Witcher franchise of games on From 8 December 2011 at 12:00 GMT until 10 December 2011 at 11:58 GMT, visitors to will be able to pick up The Witcher 2 for just $23.99 and they will get The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for free! This is the best price that will have on the Witcher franchise for the whole season, so be sure to pick them up then if you’ve been looking for a chance to play these classic games.

Then, because the holidays are about giving, will be giving away hundreds of game codes for a variety of PC classic titles on both Saturday (the 10th of December) and Sunday (the 11th) through social media channels and on their website.

Finally, they continue in the giving spirit and, starting on the 12th of December at 12:00 GMT, will be having a 48 hour giveaway of Empire Earth: Gold Edition where anyone can add it to their account for free! Furthermore, starts their holiday sales on the 12th, and will be having their “50% Off Holiday Celebration” of virtually every game in the catalog from then until the 2nd of January 2012. Classic games from some of the greatest publishers and developers in the industry, like Interplay, EA, Ubisoft, Atari, Activision, Sierra, and others are all on sale on
GOG's continued support of DRM-free distribution and absence of regional price discrimination means we can't help unashamedly spruiking their good deals, so check out this press release for all the goods.

goggog.comdrmregional pricing

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Posted 03:40pm 06/12/11
Oddly, this doesn't interest me like steam sales, and I'd be happy to pirate anything that I could buy through there... Digital libraries with autopatching and mini social networks are powerful anti-piracy tools, if the rest of the world is much like me...
Posted 03:41pm 06/12/11
Does DRM free mean I need to backup the digital download myself? Because TBH I'd rather use Steam and let them take care of that s***
Posted 04:05pm 06/12/11
Does DRM free mean I need to backup the digital download myself?
You can always re-download games bought at via the “My account” page. Also, there is no limit to the number of redownloads, but please remember that you're not allowed to share your account with other users as only you are entitled to download games from your account.
Posted 04:28pm 06/12/11
Nerf, a lot of the games on there seem to be old games with no MP or non existant which might explain your desire to pirate them because you probably see them as freeware.
Posted 04:40pm 06/12/11
There's that, but ultimately, I just want a fancy digital library in one location. I've even been tempted to buy games I own old physical copies of when they've been on sale on steam. :P

edit: Though that being said, I haven't had my cd rom plugged in for yonks, and probably never will again, like the slow eventual death of my a:\.
Posted 04:59pm 06/12/11
There's that, but ultimately, I just want a fancy digital library in one location.
This, basically. Steam has a significant first-mover advantage here; unless there's a great game that is exclusive to some other service, its just an annoyance to have to use some other service.

At least in GOG's case it sounds like once you install the game you can forget about them until you reformat.
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