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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:35am 02/12/11 | 10 Comments
The Bethesda Blog has been kind enough to share some insights into what's in store for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the short term, post-release (no mention of DLC yet, though we know they're working on it), and on the PC front it's looking pretty sweet.

Mods are already doing the rounds for the game, but Bethesda plan on releasing Creation Kit, the official tools the Bethesda Game Studios team used to build the game, in January next year. A new Wiki for it will also be released with all the info and videos you could want, plus they'll be integrating Steam Workshop to really help the mod community get their creations out there with ease and support.

And finally, they remind us that patch 1.2 for the game has just been released across all three systems (an incremental follow-up is due next week also), but that their commitment to strengthening the game's workings will keep the team releasing new updates as player feedback continues to roll in, so it's important to voice your troubles, hilarious glitches and utter frustration well into the game's life.
After the holidays, we’ll continue to release regular updates for the game — through full title updates, as well as incremental “gameplay updates” to fix whatever issues come up along with rebalancing portions of the game for difficulty or exploits. We plan on having a lot of these, not just a few. Overall, you should expect updates to be hitting the PC and Steam earlier and more often, as that’s a process we control. Console updates will follow, as they must be certified and processed by those manufacturers.
It's not old news that Bethesda offer this kind of post-release support, but it's always nice to be reminded of it.

Anyone in our immediate community playing with, or creating, mods yet?

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:45pm 02/12/11
Really good news to hear it being implemented with Steam Workshop. I'm using a bunch of mods which really make it looks great.
  1. 4GB Skyrim

  2. No Tint and Desaturation

  3. FXAA Post Process Injector

  4. Realistic Water Textures

Also have a massive texture improvement one and one to fix blocky faces although I can't remember what they are called.
Posted 12:53pm 02/12/11
It's amazing how quickly a lot of these mods came out. It's not like that GTA mod that makes everything look fantastic months after release, these were released within like a week or so.

That said a lot of people who have mods seem to have a lot more crashes as well, I'm personally going to wait until they are a bit more stable before I play around with them.

Also, I hope they don't do DLC and go back to old fashioned expansions. For a game this big "Mission Packs" or "New shiney stuff" doesn't seem all that appealing considering just how much is already in the game. I'd rather something a lot more solid with expanded story and new areas and not just samey dungeons.
Posted 01:07pm 02/12/11
4gb mod makes the game run heaps better imo
Posted 01:41pm 02/12/11
Its a shame that Bethesda didn't see/observe 'STEAMWORKS' as gaming as a service.

Look what they've (Robin Walker & John Cook & Valve) have done for TF2


- Given players tools to create weapons, maps and beta test the hell out of the game

- Made a cash shop that isn't overpowered and is only aesthetic

- Made the GAME TOTALLY ~FREE TO PLAY~ (as in FREE as in "here have a beer, mate" not free as in door cover charge then jack up alcohol prices in the night club as you get drunk and don't realize the prices are going up.)

- Created a public server (which solves' the private server problem, which most MMORPGs have or that Free to play RPGs have.)

- Made an anti cheat system (VAC) which is supposed to work. (I've seen quite a few MW2 players who got banned using cheats with VAC) I won't say VAC is 100% effective but AFAIK it seems to work and you don't know if you're banned or not until later.

- Point 2b about VAC: In Red Orchestra 2 (Tripwire Interactive) they've got Punkbuster and VAC which is crazy for anti measures whether it works or not I don't know. I can never be sure but its a point.

- They've built an update distribution platform which streams software from all major ISPs (Around the world?)
- As well as software distribution platform (but everyone already knows this)
- They've built in DYNAMITE ROCK SOLID gameplay mechanics for TF2 (You can definitely not deny this)

- Catered for the competitive players with TF2 on some level or another
- and included a duel mode that in some ways is a 'betting system'

- I don't won't to mention "community" it is becoming the 21st century dirty word.

- Also they've included a 'STEAM WALLET" which could effectively be used for 'real world trading of items for cash'
- http://forums.steamgames.com/forums/showthread.php?p=23477709 - as seen here it has the POTENTIAL to be used for this. Thus solving problems with gold selling websites / ingame currency selling websites in some ways.
- Blizzard only recently caught on that the 'Auction House' could use real world money.
- Whether the Steam Wallet could have the potential in Spiral Knights I'm not sure.

- Personalized content facebook/myspace style system.

The whole damn steam platform is incredible when you think about it and I mean REALLY stand back and look at what they've done since 2004~5

Just goes to demonstrate "GAMING is ->NOW<- a S E R V I C E." at so many levels.

Remember the video I posted earlier in the forums about the future of bit torrent?


Take my opinion for a gain of rock salt but I will say it Robin Walker + John (and Valve & co) are ahead of their time.
Posted 01:41pm 02/12/11
The first patch stopped the 2GB restriction fix mod apparently, don't know why they'd do that. I love the hi-res mods but one of them (I suspect it was the Whiterun Improved mod) corrupted one of my saves so I decided to ditch them for now. I never had any problems with the Fallout 3 mods and I kept playing that game for ages because of them.

Also nude female mods are awesome!
Posted 01:42pm 02/12/11
The first patch stopped the 2GB restriction fix mod apparently, don't know why they'd do that. I love the hi-res mods but one of them (I suspect it was the Whiterun Improved mod) corrupted one of my saves so I decided to ditch them for now. I never had any problems with the Fallout 3 mods and I kept playing that game for ages because of them.

Also nude female mods are awesome!

Would you pitch in 10 Dollars for a high resolution texture mod.

No DLC over 30 AUstralian dollars. Pay the author for his time and effort

BANG problem solved. Use steam wallet. If you must.
Posted 01:48pm 02/12/11
i think most people would pitch in, but then feel robbed that it wasnt already apart of the game in the first place :/
Posted 01:57pm 02/12/11
I used the original LAA patch then the update killed it and consequently my game began running like bog at times. Now I use the 4GB mod and it runs like silk.

Why would Bethesda limit a 2011 game to 2GB of ram? Why? I have 12GB in my system waiting to be used.
Posted 02:05pm 02/12/11
all the high res texture mod is ... is them selling the proper sized textures that they should have given us in the beginning... literally the difference is probably 2048x2048 instead of 4098x4098 etc... not a hard job to downsize them.
Posted 03:19am 03/12/11
Agree and with DealdlyF on most points and hope that they don't release any 1 dungeon DLC. They kind of did that in Oblivion with the smugglers cove, the wizards tower, and other assorted places you could stay. Would be supremely disappointing. Whatever they release needs story behind it comparable to what is already there. And that's significant! At the end of the day, I'm sure we will be paying about $20 for it, so it had better be great. /frownyface
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