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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:25am 02/12/11 | 11 Comments
If you've been playing games long enough, there's a good chance you remember the crummy Acclaim South Park games (there was even a first-person one using the N64 Turok engine), but if you're a South Park fan, there's a chance you recognise that Matt and Trey are obvious videogame fans, which in turn has probably made you wonder whey there hasn't been a decent South Park game made yet.

Turns out it might finally be happening. Game Informer revealed their January issue cover, which features the South Park crew, while the article to alongside says the new game is being developed by Obsidian and published by THQ, but that the two South Park creators are directly involved with this project.
This ambitious project is a full-scale RPG for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. As the new kid in South Park, it'll be up to you to make friends and defend the town from a wide range of threats. Be sure to check out our January issue for all the details, as well as an interview with Parker and Stone themselves.
You can get a better look at the South Park cover right here. There's also no telling if this is actually THQ's mystery December videogame reveal or, if like we all suspect, it's yet to come and likely to be related to their recently created Montreal studio and their recruitment of Assassin's Creed co-creator, Patrice Desilet. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:38am 02/12/11
I remember the ps1 game, that was heaps of fun. Turkey mayhem or something, had aliens and a cow gun.
Posted 11:23am 02/12/11
I bet the graphics will be s***.
Posted 11:41am 02/12/11
The one on the N64 was ok to play as a once off but it was pretty easy from memory. I was hoping that South Park towerD game released on xbox live would hit PSN eventually but I guess that's not to be.
Posted 12:28pm 02/12/11
THQ is pretty much the new Acclaim.

Hold on, Obsidian? Well maybe it will just be an ambitious but very buggy and broken game instead of f*****g terrible.

last edited by SwissCM at 12:28:25 02/Dec/11
Posted 12:36pm 02/12/11
awsome cover. rpg maybe?
Posted 01:05pm 02/12/11
^ yeah looks like it with the wizards hats hahaha

That would b pretty awesome, a spoof south park style rpg =)
Posted 01:32pm 02/12/11
just realised it's being made by the same guys that made kotor 2 and new vegas.

last edited by ravn0s at 13:32:20 02/Dec/11
Posted 01:34pm 02/12/11
They also made Alpha Protocol which was massively underrated.
Posted 04:06pm 02/12/11
so keen
Posted 10:25pm 02/12/11
From the ones I played on N64 they were hit and miss.
Chefs luv shack was pretty bad, but on the other hand I couldn't put South Park Rally down.
no you hang up
Posted 03:25pm 04/12/11
will make me play an RPG for the 1st time.

chefs luv shack used to crack me up btw.
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