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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:17pm 01/12/11 | 10 Comments
If, like me, you grew up with Transformers and enjoyed High Moon's Transformers: War For Cybertron, then you're likely pretty pumped for their true sequel (not their recently released Transformers movie tie-in), Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

There's a lengthier trailer on its way to the Spike TV VGAs next week, but ahead of that High Moon have released a CG teaser trailer that reveals we'll finally be seeing a certain dinosaur-shaped robot (in disguise?) by the name of Grimlock - a Transformer any fan will be happy to see appearing in the game.

Watch the teaser embedded below, or click here for a larger HD option.

transformers: war for cybertronteaser trailertransformers: fall of cybertron

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Posted 12:34pm 01/12/11

Ah how i loved G1 transformers. I actually enjoyed War for Cybertron so hoping this ramps it up a notch.
Posted 02:02pm 01/12/11
Posted 02:53pm 01/12/11
Oh hells yes, the dinobots were the best ever.
Posted 03:49pm 01/12/11
I'm clearly too young for this, I can only vaguely remember transformers. A dinobot seems out of place to me.
Posted 04:28pm 01/12/11
So, Grimlock is integral in the fall of cybertron how? He was only introduced once the autobots awoke within the ark on Earth if I remember correctly...
The GuVna
Posted 04:54pm 01/12/11
Like A Boss

Posted 07:00pm 01/12/11
Why is Grimlock a dinosaur though, when they're still on Cybertron?

Not that I really care, I can overlook that if its awesome
Posted 10:12pm 01/12/11
In the cartoons the Dinobots were created on earth, in the comics I believe they were re-constructed on Earth. Either way Grimlock was hilarious, portrayed as stupid in the cartoons and portrayed as varyingly stupid or rather intelligent in the comics. Either way he was always quite funny and an engine of destruction. Of the Dinobots I actually liked Snarl the most, but he was often omitted from the cartoon sadly.

A dinosaur on Cybertron is out of place but if he turns out to be a metal chewing, flaming sword wielding, double-barrel laser cannon spewing, decepticon stomping machine of death Grimlock will be sensational.
Posted 11:50pm 01/12/11
Wow, for an Aussie gaming news site you sure are behind on this front...
Most questions have been answered already through Gameinformer.com's coverage (Exclusive Though) which has been relayed here at Australia's leading Transformers fansite: http://www.otca.com.au/boards/showthread.php?t=12209
Posted 11:45am 05/12/11
needs transformers lego games..
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