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Post by trog @ 10:00am 26/11/11 | 24 Comments
In an interview with PC Gamer, Ubisoft Ghost Recon producer Sébastien Arnoult has mentioned that Ghost Recon: Future Solider won't be coming to PC, because they "know" that 95% of their consumers will pirate the game.

To try to mitigate the effect of piracy, Ubisoft will be using the novel technique of building an online-only game that is free to play for PC users - Ghost Recon Online will be the Ghost Recon experience that is coming exclusively to PC.
“We’re adapting the offer to the PC market. I don’t like to compare PC and Xbox boxed products because they have a model on that platform that is clearly meant to be €60’s worth of super-Hollywood content. On PC, we’re adapting our model to the demand.”
While it is sort of nice to have them realise that they're different platforms with different models - and thus presumably avoiding the Terrible Console Port Syndrome that plagues so many PC games - it is still disappointing to hear about more games that are never going to make it to the PC.

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Posted 10:18am 26/11/11
That sucks.
Posted 10:18am 26/11/11
Maybe if they stopped trying to use DRM that hurts the customer more then it hurts the pirate, then people will start buying the game. I have pirated before, but in the past few months, I have probably bought more games, due to them being good. You have a look at my Steam profile, I have over 80 games and counting. Clearly if done right, people will buy it, or, if it's cheap, they will definitely buy it.

This sounds like Ubisoft just passing the blame again, especially when console pirating has become way more rampant then PC pirating. Hell, even PC pirated games don't come out ON day 1, we still have to wait, where as consoles get it weeks ahead.
Posted 10:22am 26/11/11
F*** that. Loved the Ghost Recon series although it did go downhill with recent titles.
Posted 10:30am 26/11/11
Gabe Newell had something to say about pirates the other day which I agree with.

"We think there is a fundamental misconception about piracy," Newell said. "Piracy is almost always a service problem and not a pricing problem. For example, if a pirate offers a product anywhere in the world, 24/7, purchasable from the convenience of your personal computer, and the legal provider says the product is region-locked, will come to your country 3 months after the U.S. release and can only be purchased at a brick and mortar store, then the pirate's service is more valuable. Most DRM solutions diminish the value of the product by either directly restricting a customer's use or by creating uncertainty."

Everything else aside, what they are betting on most people not knowing is that yes PC pirating does happen a bit but is no where near the level of console pirates. If you watch the scene even with half an eye open you'd notice that console ISOs of the games are constantly coming out up to 2 weeks in advance ready to play on a modded console. Meanwhile PC versions have to wait for the day of, or day after release before a crack is out.
Posted 11:04am 26/11/11
Don't get me on my SecuROM soap box. But yeah this sux, Ubi have been weird lately around PC/DRM stuff, I think they just don't want to budget for PC development. I see this case as "Future Soldier to much hassle to port to PC/DX11"
Posted 11:05am 26/11/11
so, how long till the Xbox, and Ps3 emulators become big
Posted 11:13am 26/11/11
I don't totally buy what Gabe Newell says. Pricing can be a cause of piracy when the pricing is incorrectly modelled (ie Australia).

The publishers (who set pricing) of the games need to give us the consumer some clarity on why the region pricing is the way it is.

I'm sure the publishers will keep those cards very close to their chest. I'm fine with that because my cash stays in my pocket and I look elsewhere.

I certainly would be very interested in seeing the number of actual sales of new software on platforms where Australians are knowingly price gouged.
Posted 11:20am 26/11/11
gabe did touch on the release differences (in way of time frame) boosting the value of pirate services, I'm sure that would be the same in regards to pricing,
Posted 11:30am 26/11/11
Gotta agree with Gabe Newell.

In the past I have pirated horrid DRM and unfair pricing (for us AU people) have driven me to piracy. I like the steam model because I can get the game (generally) at the same time as the rest of the world. Sometimes when there isn't a demo, the best way to try a game before buying it is to pirate it. I've always paid for games I've enjoyed and where the developer is good to the customer.

But I've stayed away from Ubi for a while. They just keep s***ting in the PC gamers face while crying "piracy is why we do this".
Posted 11:36am 26/11/11
Well, Ubisoft will not be getting my money that I would have spent on the GR title. I dont use consoles because they are horrid compared to my PC. Their monetary loss.

And someone should inform them of the rampant piracy that is on consoles. Console releases are leaked before PC ones usually.
Posted 11:42am 26/11/11
I also find this funny, it will push more people to pirate any of their PC titles to spite them, and to also push more people onto the console scene, to pirate. They aren't going to win if they are being d**** about it. Make a good game, make it non-region priced, and have no s***** DRM or staggered release.
Posted 11:58am 26/11/11
Damn, another s***** Ubisoft game that I wasnt going to play, isnt going to be available to buy.
Posted 12:12pm 26/11/11
Think of all the opportunities you're going to miss out on though Nathan - like having your PC destroyed by invasive DRM
Posted 12:18pm 26/11/11
Not doing it reduces exposure, and diminishes brand credibility, as well as loses synergies for advertising, etc etc. I wrote something about this in the other topic with someone else having the exact same line about piracy.

The real truth is xbox players tend to dumb as s*** and buy 110 dollar retail boxes at millions of copies, even ps3 players buy a few, but PC players the least. It's not even a matter of copyright, it's a matter of penetration mostly.

New games will always run on a console and not always run on a PC, there are a lot more people with computers, than those who can play games on their computer. I think some of these figures are totally messing up these developers ideas. You know exact numbers for install base of a console gamer. But not everyone with a gaming video card plays games, and not eveyone with a computer will buy the game.

I think this uncertainty is leading activists against piracy to quote retarded numbers like "Of your potential userbase of 1.5 million people in US who have computers, only 100 000 are buying it, EVERYONE ELSE JUST WAREZ IT".

But at the end of the day to basically paraphrase that other guy, it probably only takes 3 months of a team of 12 people or about a cost of <$200,000 to port a game to PC. At even 80 a pop on steam, you only need 2500 people to pay some real dollars for the game, reduce it to 40 dollars, and you might get a couple hundred thousand people choosing that option.

I think this all comes down to developers time value though: 12 people for 3 months porting a game to PC where they might make 100 000 dollars, or putting the same team to just bugtesting the next console game which will probably make 1 000 000- 10 000 000.

Anyway I'm not sure what the actual facts and figures are but I just think the culture in the games industry is f***ed right now. They're seeing huge numbers of people buy millions of copies of BF3 CODMW3 and Arkham City and s*** like this, they see millions of them SELL on the PC and then go ahead and say "You know, actually ours sold bad becuase of PIRACY".

I wonder sometimes.
Posted 01:32pm 26/11/11
Crappy DRM, Dull and poorly created game releases, Poor developer knowledge of various platforms? Welcome to Ubisoft post 2006. Yeah Ubi is on a winner there, explains why their games are increasingly irrelevant across all platforms. I've never pirated a game in my life and I have played games since the early 80's so I guess I'm in the magic Ubi 5%. If I think if a game looks crap, plays crap, sounds crap and is reviewed to be crap it's not worth my money and it's certainly not worth downloading it from some random warez site.

Guys our games don't suck on PC!!!! 95% of them pirate it , we are actually shifting 20,000,000 copies of Ghost Recon: What's a Laser Mouse, and not the 15, 000 that sales figures show for PC!! We rock! Lets keep pushing out uninteresting crap those PC scum will have to buy a console, I mean who wouldn't buy a console to play our games? Look at how awesome they are!!!!

Yeah Ubi lost it a long time ago and Ghost Recon hasn't been interesting or new since the original. Too bad they hold the Clancy style licences still.
Posted 01:45pm 26/11/11
Wont miss it at all.
Posted 03:01pm 26/11/11
Whenever I see Ubisoft games on Steam, I look at the DRM and think.. F*** it, I won't buy on principle. They shot themselves in the foot.
Posted 04:04pm 26/11/11
new Rainbow 6 game isn't looking good then!
Posted 05:02pm 26/11/11
Posted 11:25pm 26/11/11
Quite frankly, I am disgusted by Ubisoft's PC policies of late. Invasive DRM, being lied to about said DRM ( the From Dust controversy comes to mind) and PC ports being released months after the console release. While it's stupid go "BOYCOTT TEH UBISOFT" and their line-up of Triple-A titles, I do intend to purchase all of these pre-owned of my own "F*** you" to Ubi.
Posted 02:17am 27/11/11
was one of the only warfare shooters that i was tempted by, tho wont be wasting my time now its only on consols.
Posted 11:43am 27/11/11
Once again, Ubisoft shows that it's a rich person, sitting up in their golden tower, trying to understand the peasants while sipping gin and laughing like an ass...

Y'know the reason why I pirate your games Ubi!? It's REAL simple.

1) I want to see if it's worth the trouble of buying the game legit. Yes, trouble. To buy. A. GAME.

2) I don't enjoy paying $100-F*****G-US-DOLLARS to play a game everyone else got for half price...

F*** you, Ubi.

F*** you and the horse you rode in on.

Oh, and good riddance...
Posted 04:40pm 27/11/11
Could buy a mod for 360 just to spite them.
Posted 11:56pm 27/11/11
I give up on Ubisoft and any other developer/publisher with the same attitude. Just leave the PC community alone already if that's how you feel. We don't want your games that are bollixed up with DRM.
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