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Post by Dan @ 02:36pm 25/11/11 | 21 Comments
Australian gamers had to endure an extra week's wait behind our usual PAL region pals in Europe, but the long awaited The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is now available locally for the Nintendo Wii, offering one last big hurrah for the console before the company's focus switches to the Wii-U and a possible reason for dormant Wii-owners to consider dusting off their Wii-Remotes.

We're unfortunately a bit behind the international press on this one as Nintendo Australia were only able to get the game to us this week. So as a result, we're well aware of the grand acclaim this game has been met with elsewhere.

But do we think all of the praise is well deserved? The answer is: somewhat, but not the golden pedestal some have placed it on. Read our in-depth review to find out why.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:43pm 25/11/11
Good to see a level-headed Zelda review for a change, everyone always seems to put it up on a pedestal, I dunno if its partly nostalgia or what, but I remember Twilight Princess got heaps of high scores and perfect scores as well and it certainly didn't deserve them.
Posted 02:59pm 25/11/11
twilight princess was f*****g awesome.

reading review now.
Posted 03:07pm 25/11/11
Unlike the loose, directional-waggle implementation of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword offers much finer control over your blade, making the Motion-Plus attachment (now built into newer Wii Remotes) a mandatory requirement.

pretty obvious you didnt play twilight pricess, because the sword play in it was tight as.

yes, teh basic sword action was waggling the controller, but the real skill was the moves you learned as you progressed through the game.

the directional swinging meant nothing, it was the moves you linked it with that were its beauty.

i have to admit that the sword play in skyward sword hasnt impressed me yet, but i havent learnt anything but the basic moves, ive no doubt the directional stuff wont matter as you learn decent moves.

definately agree with the comments on flying, its painful already and the conversation options are pointless as well.
Posted 03:23pm 25/11/11
The sword play in twilight princess was annoying, trying to shield bash stuff was the most frustrating. Twilight Princess wasn't a bad game, but it wasn't a great one either, and I really had to force myself to finish it cos I was bored as s*** with it towards the end.
Posted 03:42pm 25/11/11
very dissapointed in TP and this doesnt look like its going to be much better :(
why ruin one of the best franchises on ur system :'(
Posted 05:41pm 25/11/11
I agree, TP was average, and unforgettable. Unfortunately, this doesn't look much better. They really need to do something with these franchises they have. I mean they are fun and all, but I'm starting to get bored of Nintendo's keeping the same core games, and adding a few enhancements. No real innovation.
Posted 07:25pm 25/11/11
I'm ten hours in and like most Zelda games it only really starts to kick in to epicness at this point. I reckon the wm+ controls have been great. It's really well implemented and makes the combat way more interesting than blatantly waggling like in TP. This is the first proper wii Zelda game, remember tp was a gamecube game first and foremost.
The aiming with wm+ is really good and its great not having to point at the screen to aim like in tp. The game really is a great demo of motion controls done right as it brings together all the wm+ kit from stuff like bowling etc from wii sports resort with hardly any recalibration required.
Posted 07:50pm 25/11/11
Hmm, just read the review fully. I think there's a few points that are a bit rough. The aiming doesn't use pointer controls for a start. Perhaps that is why you had so many issues? It uses WM+ so takes the centre reference point from where your hand was positioned when you equipped the item. I thought this was much better than using pointer controls actually. You'll notice this first being used on the game select menu screen.

It is also pretty rough comparing the graphical prowess to every other big budget 2011 holiday title. The hardware is extremely old and this is the Wii's fault alone, not any fault of the game. The developers know this so I think the oil painting artstyle which places it between Wind Waker and TP is pulled off pretty well. Look at it running on Dolphin in 1080p and I'm sure you'll agree the artstyle is great and very Zelda. It's just a shame that it does look like a blurry jagged mess on 1080p TVs, though this is through no fault of the game.

The laughable moments of dialog trees that go nowhere are usual Zelda. I agree with most your other criticisms, the slow text and Fi are quite annoying, and some of the mechanics like tight-rope walking. It doesn't feel as epic with a great land to roam over, though some of the dungeon designs are brilliant, which is the meat of Zelda anyway.

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Posted 08:56pm 25/11/11
hmm so torn whether i should get this or not :/
Posted 09:22pm 25/11/11
get it, it is after all most likely the last big/good Wii game ever!
Posted 09:28pm 25/11/11
I lent the power supply for my Wii to a friend right after I finished princess( a week or so after release)... haven't bothered getting it back but this might be a reason too...
Posted 09:44pm 25/11/11
I don't want to obsessively defend the review here, but Linkers points do present some fair questions that deserve clarification
The aiming doesn't use pointer controls for a start. Perhaps that is why you had so many issues?
Yeah, I was well aware of this which is why I refer to it as "pointer-based motion control" in the review, as opposed to Infra-red. And better though it may be, my point was that 5 years later, this is still the best motion control in a gamer's game that they're able to muster and the clumsy feeling just doesn't live up to the aspirations many of us had back when we had our first tastes of the Wii.

On the graphics front, obviously these are due to hardware limitations, but the crticisms there didn't detract have a large impact on my overall opinion of the game. They were included because visuals are more important to some people more than others, so I felt it very necessary to mention. Because it is a big readjustment to go from playing the latest cutting edge 2011 games back to something that wouldn't have looked out of place in the playstation 2 era.

I think there's another good point of discussion here though, in that Nintendo made a conscious choice to launch a console that was far less powerful than it's competitors, simply so they could hit a lower price point. They made a call at the time that graphic prowess wasn't something necessary for their success as price and it has obviously paid off for them.

But 5 years later and that gap has widened a lot and peoples expectations of what a big budget game should look like have risen proportionately. So being that this is a first party title from a studio wholly owned and funded by this manufacturer, when should be the point in time where they are held accountable and their games appearances can be fairly judged in the context of their present competitors? Maybe there's a good op ed article somewhere in that. :)
Posted 01:59am 26/11/11
Fair enough. I agree if you weren't a zelda fan before, this wasn't going to suck you in, especially casual gamers that go for games like modern warfare or FIFA, but that's nothing new for nintendos more matureish games like Zelda or metroid. I guess that's why there is so much handholding, though this is a common thing in most first party Nintendo games these days, which isn't necessarily a bad thing when it's well implemented, but forcing it down our throats with fi in skyward sword is certainly annoying.

Youre right about nintendo's blue ocean strategy, and so were they. They were happy to stay out of the Sony/ms fight and be profitable from day one and it's played out extremely well for them, even forcing Sony and ms to invest their own money in motion gimmick addons to try and catch up. Every Nintendo console really dries up in quality titles towards the end of its release cycle unfortunately. The wii u looks to be a bit of a gamble IMO. They are trying to get the hardcore gamer back, but with so many rumors about Xbox loop around the place now, if ms launches this time next year, it could really upset Nintendo I think. The recent admissions straight from Satoru Iwatas mouth about the pressure the company is now under with the relative failure of the 3DS and the wii u uncertainty around going back to the drawing board to redesign it are quite worrying. If anything I hope they can use their cash to catch up and create a slick and appealing machine that will lure third parties and have them actually be serious about a competitive online structure.
Posted 06:02am 26/11/11
i have less than zero issues with the wii's graphics
Posted 02:53am 28/11/11
I'm a Zelda fan boy and would have bought a Wii for this. Luckily my brother bought one in a attempt to get his wife into gaming (Wii Fit). So I'm stealing his and playing this game.
Posted 01:55pm 30/11/11
I was quick to ensure I picked this up on Thursday night, but because of other commitments the first time I had a chance to put it in the Wii, pull down 18 months of system updates, and sit down to play it for 2 hours was last night.

While it did once again have the same annoying talktalktalk and "ffs I can't find the guy who the character should know by name, but I don't because I've just started playing the game" issue other Zelda games have had (Twilight Princess, I'm looking at you), it was the soundtrack that just has you in amazement.
This is why we love Zelda games:

While I'm only in early days, it does look like they've given us a gem; not like Wind Waker that I never ended up finishing.
Posted 02:06pm 30/11/11
I would love to have seen a Wii motion plus game based on Die By The Sword controls..
Posted 02:09pm 30/11/11
wind waker was the biggest pathetic piece of ass ever, closely followed by TP... the wolf aspect was the biggest fail ever imo
Posted 02:24pm 30/11/11
wow, it seems like i was one of the few who enjoyed TP.

i loved it.
Posted 02:26pm 30/11/11
yeah i got maybe half way through it and got over the story/ wolf. was such a disappointment :(
Posted 02:47pm 30/11/11
I liked TP - it was just the start of the game that was irritating. I really do hope they give us a 3DS port of TP.

Edit: Midna was a hottie!

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