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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:00pm 24/11/11 | 3 Comments
Eurogamer reports that Twitter sleuth, Superannuation, has done some digging and may have found evidence of a Dante's Inferno sequel.

According to the report, Joshua Rubin, who co-wrote Assassin's Creed 2, has listed a "major unannounced sequel from Visceral Studios at EA Games" as one of his current projects on his resume, which he then ties, unceremoniously, to a Dante's Inferno trailer, allowing us to pretty much put two and two together.

The first Dante's Inferno was essentially a God of War clone in the gameplay department, but had a solid idea with some great scripting and voice-acting, it just peaked, in my opinion, too early.

If a sequel is actually in the works, would you be happy for the same gameplay foundation, or would you prefer to see something new?

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:20pm 24/11/11
Is that a boob in the news picture?
Posted 01:09am 25/11/11

seriously who cares lol
Posted 09:26am 25/11/11
Just looks creepy is all, with the male face in the upper right corner :S Seen enough digital boobs thanks to God of War.

I actually tried Dante Inferno once, was pretty cool. Must actually get it and finish it this time.
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