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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:31am 24/11/11 | 19 Comments
Steam sends word their Autumn (US) sale is now on, where they'll be offering daily discounts on numerous titles, kicking off today with huge discounts on some very well-known games, including Call of Duty: Black Ops (50% off), Portal 2 (66% off) and Mass Effect 2 (75% off) among many more.

They also plan on having "hundreds of deals all weekend", so you'll need to keep an eye on the Steam Store to know what's in the bargain bin.

For more info just head to And be sure to drop a line in the Comments if you find any hidden gems.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:10am 24/11/11
Sweet :)
Posted 11:50am 24/11/11
Oh FFS, more games I'll buy now just because they are cheap aka Portal 2 and ME2
Posted 11:56am 24/11/11
Must... resist... buying... more... games
Posted 12:03pm 24/11/11
more games I'll buy now just because they are cheap aka Portal 2
Portal 2 is worth the full price, can't believe there's gamers that still haven't played it.
Posted 12:06pm 24/11/11
F*** me, i was saving for the Xmas sale.

Buy Orcs must die. Good 3rd person tower defence.
Posted 12:23pm 24/11/11
How good though? I bought Sanctum thinking that would be fun, got dull after the first few plays.
Posted 01:18pm 24/11/11
How good though? I bought Sanctum thinking that would be fun, got dull after the first few plays.

Exactly. I tried my torrent version of Sanctum when it was released then a few days ago after you mentioned it. Both times i didnt make it past level 1. I love tower defence but just didnt like it. Orcs must die has a demo if you wanna try it but i love it.

Only downside, you cant change controls and being a ESDF fanboy, the forced WASD makes me cry and actually temporarily f***ed my ESDF skills up after i played it and rock of ages (also forced WASD) like mad when i first got them.

EDIT. Just found out that the updated steam version should enable you to change controls using user.cfg:
Posted 09:22am 25/11/11
Well, L.A Noire is 50% off already however it does have regionalised pricing.
Posted 09:28am 25/11/11
Rift is only $7.49. Also New Vegas is $9.99 and the DLC's are cut down to $3.24 for majority, except Lonesome Road, which is $2.49.
Posted 09:31am 25/11/11
la noire is $45, the price it should be without a 50% discount.
Posted 09:47am 25/11/11
Also New Vegas is $9.99

$4.99 if you VPN it up. Well worth it!
Posted 02:21pm 25/11/11
Orcs Must Die! is pretty rad, just did a 3 hour session then, my clicking finger is in massive pain.

So far I'm finding it very easy, haven't failed a single level yet.

Barricades + tar pits + wall blades = owned.

last edited by CHUB at 14:21:08 25/Nov/11
Posted 03:14pm 25/11/11
$19 for a Portal 2 two-pack, what's not to love about that? Worth the wait.
Posted 05:49pm 25/11/11
Yesterday I got Abe 1+2 to relive old days. Also got Orcs must die so i can change the controls. And Renegade ops for coop lols cause it looks alright. Was $20 for a 4 pack.

New Vegas is great price but the cost of all the DLCs add up. $5 a pop (less with VPN??).

I found Orcs pretty easy early on Chub but soon enough you will be facing waves along different paths plus big ass tanks as well as battlemage hunting wolf things.
Posted 05:27am 26/11/11
I just picked up the newer chronicles of ridd*** game... Bloody hell, no idea when I'm going to play it, but have wanted it for ages. Haven't finished skyrim, haven't installed arkham city, bought all the total wars yesterday, halp...
Posted 06:17am 26/11/11
That Ridd*** game is only good because they added the original Butcher Bay Campaign. the new one is s***.
Posted 06:33am 26/11/11
Damn, I was under the impression that the new one was good, only reason I got it. Finished the original once or twice(!).

Oh wells, will probably still enjoy giving it a whirl for a few bucks I guess...
Posted 07:10am 26/11/11
Hmmm, nothing good today it seems.
Posted 08:46am 26/11/11
Hmmm, nothing good today it seems.

Not really been much of interest this year round. Will have to wait for Christmas.
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