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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:20pm 22/11/11 | 7 Comments
Nexon's Dragon Nest gets a major update today with a new content release called "Theatre of War", including two new dungeons for higher-level players, a new free-for-all 16 player PvP mode, as well as a bunch of other changes. From the announcement:
New fighting styles make their debut on the PvP front today, and the game’s classic PvP modes are getting a makeover as well. In the new Protect-the-Captain game mode, players must work together as a team to safeguard their team captain while pressing the offensive to eliminate the opposing team’s leader. Teamwork, coordination, feints and ruses are the tools necessary for the cunning team to win the day.

Also new to PvP is the free-for-all mode, where up to 16 players are cut loose to battle each other in a bloodthirsty brawl for supremacy. Players can fight, or they can fly, but they can’t hide forever in this fast-paced game mode. Additionally, a new three-on-three Ladder Mode has been added, wherein teams of three players face off against each other. The popular Ghoul Mode, introduced with last month’s Halloween update, is receiving a number of improvements. Players can now turn into mummy ghouls and access new ghoul skills, items and achievements.
The full client is available for download now locally from AusGamers; our game page has more information as well.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:58pm 22/11/11
I have no clue what Dragon Nest is....
Posted 06:14pm 22/11/11
it took me a while to realise this wasnt a upgrade for skyrim but rather a game... never heard of it.
Posted 06:30pm 22/11/11
try clicking the 'game page' link above
Posted 06:52pm 22/11/11
Yeah the big skyrim logo as the advert on the 'game page' made it heaps clearer too :P
Posted 09:08pm 22/11/11
Good stuff, Played it for quite a while when it first hit Open Beta, might get back into it.
Posted 09:43pm 22/11/11
So no one has heard of it, but it rated a mention ...
Posted 09:45pm 22/11/11
Played it for a white in beta, was actually pretty fun
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