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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:07pm 18/11/11 | 16 Comments
As you know, AusGamers had a chance to head out to this year's BlizzCon, and while we threw up a host of news at the event and featured an extensive breakdown of the Mists of Pandaria expansion (thanks a bunch again for that Khel), we also had a chance to speak with Greg Street, the man behind the mist.

This interview has a lot of great information, including the genesis of the Pandaren, that what they were working on before this is still likely in the works and just why they crafted the pet-battling system, among much, much more. He also broaches a handful of our community's questions, so you'll definitely want to check it out.

"We’re all big gamers and there are a lot of games out there that have played off of this idea of raising your pet," he told AusGamers. "Teaching it new skills and having to go out into the wild and fight other pets. And the combination of those three, we were like “this seems like a really smart feature for us”.

Click here for the full video interview feature.

(PS I didn't actually get a chance to find Greg later on to expand on the question of culling features)

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Latest Comments
Reverend Evil
Posted 01:43pm 18/11/11
Another good interview Steve. I sorta feel sorry for Greg Street. He's always in the firing line when players get upset about something that was changed. He seems like a nice guy.
Posted 01:47pm 18/11/11
Nice work steve, but next year send me :p
Posted 01:55pm 18/11/11
OFT Nice, I love this :).
Posted 02:00pm 18/11/11
Yeah good interview, but wtf has happened to wow.
Reverend Evil
Posted 06:12pm 18/11/11
but wtf has happened to wow

Are you one of those people that always thought WoW was meant to be a serious game?
Posted 02:35pm 19/11/11
Yeah good interview, but wtf has happened to wow.

Its constantly evolving and changing, such is the way of the MMO. Probably why its still so ridiculously huge. Adapt or die!
Posted 05:02pm 19/11/11
Its constantly evolving and changing, such is the way of the MMO. Probably why its still so ridiculously huge. Adapt or die!

A loss of a 2 million subscribers says otherwise, http://www.pcworld.com/article/243465/world_of_warcraft_loses_2_million_subscribers_in_a_year.html
Posted 06:00pm 19/11/11
Eorl, thing is that they didn't really adapt this expansion.

They shoveled out some old s*** from their B team, took forever to put any content in the game (*taps foot* When was 4.3 due?) and plus everything they DID bring out was the same old same old.

I'd bet those 2 million people are like me and just bored of getting fed the same old s***.
Posted 06:16pm 19/11/11
Pretty much. I'm one of them. Tried out Cataclysm, got ot level 83 on my paladin, realised this is just utter crap, and really just old things re-used, and left. If they want to get back their 2 million loss, they'll try the gimmick approach (panda expansion) or they will bring out Titan, or maybe go EQ style and bring an expansion that revamps graphics/art style.
Posted 06:42pm 19/11/11
I stopped playing a few months before Cataclysm was released. Every now and then when I have absolutely nothing to do I almost go back in for a game but stopping altogether was definitely one of the moves I've made.
Posted 11:41am 20/11/11
Majority of those subscriptions were from china, and it still leaves them with 10 million subscribers so I still think its safe to call that ridiculously huge.
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:31pm 20/11/11
funny video by that wowcrendor dude

Posted 01:06pm 20/11/11
Stupid mmo is stupid. I bet if you asked people why they even play wow it'll no doubt be because of the sub base. When you take a step back and look at the game it really is an absolute heap of s***, bit like facebook I guess, and I feel stupid knowing that I wasted so many hours on it in the past.
Reverend Evil
Posted 01:11pm 20/11/11
All games are a waste of time though
Posted 03:13pm 20/11/11
Posted 03:22pm 20/11/11
I haven't read the interview, but did anyone ask him if they decided on introducing a Panda race while they were sampling new tampons or was it while shopping for hand bags.
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