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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:30am 15/11/11 | 3 Comments
We have another review for you today, which should be right up nostalgic alley for most of you - Daytona USA.

SEGA's classic arcade racer has made its way -- digitally -- to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network and delivers a near-perfect arcade port, according to James Pinnel, who handled review duties for us.

Everything you remember from the original is there, and also comes with a very Japanese "Karaoke Mode", and while fond memories abound, it's in its near-perfect conversion James found the games biggest flaw.

Click here for his full review.

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Posted 11:32am 15/11/11
James found the games biggest flaw.
Are you James?

Review By Steve Farrelly
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:34am 15/11/11
I was just changing it fpot - man you guys are quick :)

I have to do 1000 at once when posting one of these because our CMS is ORSM SAUCE ;) sometimes that means I own the reviews for a few minutes :P
Posted 10:33pm 15/11/11
s*** man.. James' old Qgl forum nick is on the tip of my toungue...

can't remember it though.

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