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Post by Dan @ 09:13am 15/11/11 | 6 Comments
It's 10 years to the day since the first Halo game touched down on the original Xbox and Microsoft are inviting us to celebrate with a remake of that classic adventure that was responsible for proving and popularising the concept of a first person shooter on console.

With the departure of series creator Bungie from the Microsoft and the franchise, newly formed studio 343 Industries -- which includes several Bungie vets -- have picked up the mantle to deliver Anniversary ahead of Halo 4. And Although Australia didn't receive the original Xbox, and Halo: Combat Evolved until March 2002, there's no such delays with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and it can now be found on shelves nationwide, exclusive to the Xbox 360 and at a slightly budget price-point.

Read our in-depth review for all the details.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:19pm 17/11/11
If you haven't picked this up, Big W currently have it for $35.

Posted 09:36pm 17/11/11
*if you buy a 460 console with kinect
Posted 09:46pm 17/11/11

also wtf is up with this 10 minutes editing limit?
Posted 09:59pm 17/11/11
I heard this doesn't include about half the original mp maps, including the most famous, blood gulch.

Can you say DLC++?
Posted 06:32pm 18/11/11
if you buy a 360 console with kinect

oh? It was just $35 scanned in when I was up there last night. No other purchase necessary.
Posted 07:48pm 18/11/11
catalogue says with a console but maybe they f***ed up
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