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Post by Dan @ 04:12pm 08/11/11 | 29 Comments
While we obviously won't have official sales data for a few days, Activision have wasted no time in reminding us that a lot of people are buying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, their hugely anticipated first person shooter that launched at minute-past-midnight openings around the country this morning.
After a year of anticipation, after the breakout success of the first-ever Call of Duty® XP live fan event, and after pre-order numbers that toppled even those of 2010’s mega-seller Call of Duty®: Black Ops, the final dye has at last been cast. Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 is now available at retail outlets across Asia-Pacific. Also launching today is the revolutionary new social gaming network Call of Duty® Elite, conceived expressly to help Call of Duty®’s 30 million devoted fans Play Together Better™.
As one of the biggest franchises in gaming history, each new Call of Duty release catches is fair share of community criticism, but one thing even the most jaded Aussie gamer shouldn't fault is the simultaneous global launch that due to time differences actually saw the game launching Down Under before North America and Europe (ignoring some broken street-date shenanigans).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is now on Aussie shelves (and Steam for PC) for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Read the official press release while you wait for our review.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Launch Trailer

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:16pm 08/11/11
How did this franchise get so popular?
Posted 04:17pm 08/11/11
mate said its exactly the same as black ops but with different skins, graphics are no better or anything :/
Posted 04:20pm 08/11/11
After a year of anticipation

A year? so a game in development for a year has become the most anticipated game in history? I think activision has a malignant case of big-headedness.

It's going to be funny when skyrim outsells this.
Posted 04:20pm 08/11/11
I'm so glad I played the first 3 CODs then was smart enough to realise it is essentially now the Beyonce of the gaming industry.
Posted 04:25pm 08/11/11
Sadly, as much I don't want it to be the case, this will probably outsell all other games for the year :(
Posted 04:27pm 08/11/11
It's going to be funny when skyrim outsells this.
As much as I love Elder Scrolls games, you're dreaming.
How did this franchise get so popular?
Call of Duty is as successful as it is because of the heritage created by Infinity Ward's solid foundations of making a kickass multiplayer shooter with mostly kickass singleplayer campaigns to boot. That, and an absolutely insane marketing budget.

The 12 month churn cycle and lack of technical progression has understandably raised the ire of a lot of hardcore gamers, but there's clearly also a lot of tall poppy syndrome happening here too.
Posted 04:27pm 08/11/11
It's going to be funny if skyrim outsells this.

Posted 04:33pm 08/11/11
How did this franchise get so popular

1, 2 and 4 were awesome games

i don't count 3 because it was console only and i didn't play it, i'm sure it was good

4 is still the best cod ever, it was fresh and so good

they just haven't really progressed since is the problem, they added in the streak stuff and that's about it. and to boot they've sped up the churn out of the samey stuff with the 12month cycle

but it's still so insanely popular, no one seems to care they buy one each year and that's the same - especially the console only people

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Posted 04:34pm 08/11/11
It's going to be funny when skyrim outsells this.

It's clear to anyone over the age of 18 that skyrim is without question the better game and should by all means outsell this trash. However there are many more 16 year olds with xboxes who love to "pwn noobs" so saddly MW3 will be a huge seller and infinity ward will keep thinking it's cool to release the same game every year. I mean after all it worked wonders for Guitar Hero right? Oh wait that entire franchise was ran into the ground.
Posted 04:45pm 08/11/11
I'd usually buy this, but I can't get off BF3 :S
Posted 04:50pm 08/11/11
Yeah I'd have to agree that the CoD series has not had very many technical or gameplay advancements, which is a shame considering it had a great name back in the day. Now it's a bit stale.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:01pm 08/11/11
mate said its exactly the same as black ops but with different skins, graphics are no better or anything :/

Tell your mate (for single-player, at least), to go back and have a play through a few of their SP missions then go back into this. The lighting alone here is fantastic, it really looks good in comparison to the other games (obv no BF3 though)
Posted 06:22pm 08/11/11
BF3>MW3 any day.

Anyone who thinks differently obviously is either a console kiddie or being payed to say so.
Posted 07:31pm 08/11/11
Bought MW3 only because I got it for $34 from Intkeys, got key straight away, had to use VPN to activate as it's RU. Still going to play BF3 mainly, as my vehicle/actual teamwork game, MW3 will be my arcade twitch shooter, or where I TK/noob tube as much as I can to make kids rage. Also Steve, by the looks of things, the whole game does indeed still look like Blops. No major difference, except the music is crap compared to Symphony of the Devil and ACDC.
Posted 07:46pm 08/11/11
It is doing one thing well. Holding the industry back. One step forward (Most other games being released lately) and one HUGE step back (THIS!).
Posted 11:06am 09/11/11
$100 on steam, what the f***, seriously!?!?
Posted 12:46pm 09/11/11
EORL, does this "elite" s*** come with it too?
Posted 12:58pm 09/11/11
I cannot wrap my mind around publishers way of thinking. They charge $99.99 for a digital product, but you can go down to any other store, EVEN EB, and get it for less money and have a physical copy. The f*** are they thinking?
Posted 01:13pm 09/11/11
I cannot wrap my mind around publishers way of thinking. They charge $99.99 for a digital product, but you can go down to any other store, EVEN EB, and get it for less money and have a physical copy. The f*** are they thinking?

It's to get you TO go through a brick and mortar store, because EB/Gamestop would be doing something to make the price ridiculous.

EORL, does this "elite" s*** come with it too?

No, its not active yet for PC, but I think you can sign into or create account or something. No date on when it will be available. Though apparently if you become a subscriber, you get all the map packs and earlier updates, but if you stop paying, you lose everything.
Reverend Evil
Posted 05:03pm 09/11/11
I thought MW2 was awesome fun to play. Well the single player campaign anyway so I wouldn't mind playing this some time down the line. I didn't touch multiplayer at all. Although there's no way in hell I'd pay $100 for it. Prolly just order it from ozgameshop since they are cheap and reliable.
Posted 06:54pm 09/11/11
I thought MW2 was pretty good too, i played single player and one night of online. Single player was pretty fun. I really like FPS single player games anyway.
Posted 11:55pm 15/11/11
Posted 10:27am 10/11/11
fark good on em. imagine the $$$ profit their making cause surely they are not re-inventing the wheel every release, just new story line, skins etc etc. spending a lot of money on marketing though, Sam Worthington anyone?

I wonder what the numbers were for BF3.
Posted 10:32am 10/11/11
Thats just insane, and probably doesn't even include digital copies sold over Steam and stuff either

Sadly, BF3 didn't even get close to toppling COD though. 3.5 million were sold in the first week, like a third of the amount of MW3 that was sold on the first day :(
Posted 10:32am 10/11/11
I wonder what the numbers were for BF3.

The last I heard they were just short of six million sales after two weeks.
Posted 11:09am 10/11/11
Meh, good on both companies. Money is money.
Posted 11:12am 10/11/11
WM3 is being slammed on metacritic by users.
Posted 07:58pm 14/11/11
What I'm seeing isn't good for metacritics credibility...

You should pay attention to those 'reviewers' other reviews.

There's a guy there who gave BF3 a 10. Reviewed all three MW3 versions (PC, PS3, 360) and gave them all 0's. I doubt he has even bought the game let alone played it.

Edit: grammar correction.
Posted 11:52pm 15/11/11
Apparently there is a massive lobby hack on going at the moment. I just got pushed to level 80. Didn't even know the game went to level 80, who the crap could bother getting that high. This ain't WoW.
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