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Post by Eorl @ 10:42am 06/11/11 | 28 Comments
With the third title in the Modern Warfare series of Call of Duty very close to release, comes news that the online social networking service, Call of Duty Elite, has been delayed for none other then the PC platform.

"Beachhead Studio head Chacko Sonny has told Activision community man Dan Amrich that not only will be service not be launching on day one, but that there’s no idea yet when it will launch on PC.

“We’re as committed as ever to the PC,” he says, “but the need to ensure a safe PC environment is greater than ever. It’s really extensive. We need more time to get there, so Elite on PC will not launch on Day 1. We’re working our butts off to make it happen, but we won’t release it until we know that PC gamers can enjoy Elite as it’s meant to be.”

“The issue here is that the PC is an insecure platform. Without a central, trusted resource for stats, a lot of our competition features become unfair. We can’t give away prizes when people can easily cheat their stats. Leaderboards are less fun when a lot of the users are there unfairly.”

So, it seems we don't know when we will actually get Call of Duty Elite on PC, and this comes after news that PC dedicated servers aren't actually ranked, and that in order to rank up, you have to actually use the IWNet P2P (Peer 2 Peer) system instead.

Sources; Call of Duty Elite Delayed, Dedicated Servers Unranked

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:06am 06/11/11
PC dedicated servers aren't actually ranked, and that in order to rank up, you have to actually use the IWNet P2P (Peer 2 Peer) system instead.

lol what?
Posted 11:17am 06/11/11
PS3 owns anyway.
Posted 11:21am 06/11/11
PS3 owns anyway.

Hopefully, you own your PS3. Not the other way around.
Posted 12:11pm 06/11/11
All sounds like pus.
Posted 12:21pm 06/11/11
will the mw2 stats system be any better then the bf3 stats system?

The whole facebook/stats tracking style system bf3 has going is actually pretty cool. I find myself stats whoring against my friends which I would never normally do.
Posted 12:58pm 06/11/11
Hahahaha ..oh i made myself feel bad...not really hahaha!
Posted 03:17pm 06/11/11
This is one PC delay I don't care about. And the removal of dedicated servers is a deal breaker, why cant they just do it right ffs.
The GuVna
Posted 02:01pm 06/11/11
Wait what, they are going _back_ to that bulls*** "pause game till a s***tier host is found" as seen in MW2 as the standard? If so that's ridiculous. The dedicated server system was great for Black Ops
Posted 02:08pm 06/11/11
haha what a mess
Posted 02:16pm 06/11/11
*le sigh* time to cancel my pre-order... F*****g saying they have dedicated servers is almost false advertising... there's no actual reason to ever play on one unless you're a hacked max level...
Posted 02:42pm 06/11/11
I think we can all blame piracy, violent video games and sexting for this.
Posted 02:52pm 06/11/11
I thought the game had dedicated servers PC? I definitely read that.

With COD elite, i read else where it's just for stats with your ingame friends or something now.

I am curious as to what this means for the extra content, features ect. Wasn't that the whole point of it?
Posted 03:29pm 06/11/11
No, carson, we can blame f*****g morons @ actiblind for apparently being clueless to their PC demographic.

As evidenced by the whole needs more dinosaur thread for MW2.
Posted 03:33pm 06/11/11
^ sarcasm undetected
Posted 03:48pm 06/11/11
Wait what, they are going _back_ to that bulls*** "pause game till a s***tier host is found" as seen in MW2 as the standard? If so that's ridiculous. The dedicated server system was great for Black Ops
It maes perfect sense from a business point of view for Actifail. If they are going to push out one of these titles every year with f*** all in terms of improvements then the only way to encourage people to upgrade is to be able to have the ability to turn off the servers for the older games at their own discretion.

EA do the same with their sporting franchises.
Posted 04:30pm 06/11/11
It's a shame they didnt do this a while back. While it seems stupid that you can't make a ranked dedicated server, it's pretty cool that they're allowing admins to control what unlocks are available on private servers. If there's still a clan scene around for this game it should make for some pro-competition settings.
Posted 04:35pm 06/11/11
I doubt this will be a big hit on PC for aussies. The ratio for crap internet is higher then people with good internet, so P2P will pretty much make anyone rage. I got annoyed to much in MW2 when theobby would randomly close while searching, or just never start.
Posted 07:34pm 06/11/11
clearly Ramirez is still doing everything.
Posted 09:47pm 06/11/11
Cool Story Bro, yet another reason not to get this.
Randy Cambell
Posted 10:07pm 06/11/11
Leave it for the console market anyways!
Posted 10:27pm 06/11/11
rofl, they're not doing what blackops did with dedicated servers? Not that I'm going to be playing this piece of s*** game but what the f*****g f***?
Posted 03:00am 07/11/11
Eorl, I got the sarcasm, I just felt like ranting. Being lied to isn't fun, but honestly I don't know why I was expecting it to be different from the usual BS.
Posted 02:15pm 07/11/11
Black Ops wasn't made by Infinity Ward though, so its not like they're going back to the old way, they never changed from the old way, Infinity Ward is still doing things the same way they did last time they made a COD.
Posted 02:21pm 07/11/11
I thought iw went belly up/ got rid off most there staff due to that court case with blactavision
Posted 02:23pm 07/11/11
IW still exists, but I think its mostly a bunch of new people now, the guys who were running it and a lot of the senior people who worked there went off and formed Respawn Entertainment
Posted 02:36pm 07/11/11
I hope Respawn f*****g fails harder than a plane crashing into the pacific to. They sold out PC gamers who were the only reason they became so popular (COD 1).
Posted 02:42pm 07/11/11
battlefield 3, made for PC,

COD, made for console,

which is the better game?
The GuVna
Posted 05:19pm 07/11/11
Probably still COD.
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