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Post by Ivonin @ 10:46am 05/11/11 | 20 Comments
The guys over at GamerSpawn (or GS for short) have come up with this amazing compilation incorporating the entire franchise into a well narrated feature. Definitely worth a look, even if it is for nostalgia purposes. Clocks in at around 40 minutes, but is seriously worth the time to watch.
GamerSpawn takes you on a trip through the history of the Battlefield franchise. From the shores of Normandy and the jungles of Vietnam to the streets of the Middle East, Battlefield has brought big, explosive battles to multiplayer gaming for the past decade. Now, relive the greatest moments of the series through the years, with GamerSpawn's History of Battlefield.
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Posted 11:09am 05/11/11
Posted 11:53am 05/11/11
Man I used to love codename eagle multiplayer, it was the bomb.
Posted 12:02pm 05/11/11
Very, very good documentary. Absolutely stunning to see their progression. Much bigger then COD's first 4 titles, and then their current modern warfare/black ops titles.
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:04pm 05/11/11
Codename Eagle was f*****g hilarious fun. Although I remember only a few of the maps actually worked properly and didn't bug out. Out of all the BF games I reckon 1942 with the Desert Combat mod was the best. I'm just not feeling it with the new one. Haven't played it in over a week and will prolly end up just uninstalling it.
Posted 12:28pm 05/11/11
I remembered how much fun I actually had playing Titan on BF:2142, was f*****g nuts. BF:1942 would have to be the best so far. DC was just a bonus, but a f*****g awesome bonus at that.

Just the sheer amount of tard you could do in it, it's a shame they didn't go more that way.
Posted 12:55pm 05/11/11
1942 was my favorite too.
i have it lying around somewhere.
Posted 01:11pm 05/11/11
DC's choppers rocked. That said, flying an entire mission in BF2 in a blackhawk filled with engineers before they nerfed it was mad fun.
Posted 01:21pm 05/11/11
the amount of hrs me and mates play 1942 is ridiculous, jumping from jeeps to planes etc... was just endless fun
Posted 01:22pm 05/11/11
awesome video. so many memories of BF1942 and BF2. completely forgot about DC. played so much of that mod.
Posted 01:28pm 05/11/11
1942 was indeed the best one gameplay/fun wise. Wake Island <3
Posted 01:34pm 05/11/11
Yep BF1942 Desert Combat was the best.

Not wrapped in Bf3 as i own 2 copies on two pc's for lan, MP but can only play one or the other at any one time and as usual EA wont answer emails. They will answer the the growing concern about Origin sifting through our pc's files whilst were playing with what adds up to "trust us".

I think the game started out well but has gone to s*** !
Posted 01:45pm 05/11/11
SnotOne, you do know Steam does the exact same thing it's EULA as well don't you? Oh wait, fanboyism at it's best! And what do you mean you can only play one or the other? You have two copies, you should be able to play two different games as you have two different accounts.
Posted 03:20pm 05/11/11
That was the best Battlefield video ever, so many memories.
Posted 03:31pm 05/11/11
Yes, promoted item!
Posted 05:00pm 05/11/11
A trailer for the Back to Karkand expansion is out and im super excited to play these maps

Posted 05:02pm 05/11/11
wake island yipeeeeeeeeee
Posted 07:04pm 05/11/11
Hell yessss wake island!
Posted 07:12pm 05/11/11
Only took 4 posts for the COD v BF post. Not bad.
Posted 07:24pm 05/11/11
wing clipping nubs on the ground with the fighter. OH YEA!
clean them up like carmageddon plane styles

I really hope they remake the original
Posted 11:01am 06/11/11
Ahh, that brought back some memories. I used to love alpha-testing DC releases, I have a sudden urge to crack it out again and start landing little-birds on the gantries underneath the oil rigs again.
Posted 02:57pm 06/11/11
That Karkand video... nice!

Glad to see at most some maps only lost one point. I was worried they'd be down to 4 or 5 points max. From the looks of it, it seems pretty much what we could hope for!

Thank god!

Watching the BF history, it's a shame the game doesn't live up to the previous main entries. It's loads of fun, i have 30hours already in it. The biggest singly problem is the maps. Everything is there to make an awesome game, but the maps are too repetitive and too small. It's also really unbalanced in many regards.

It doesn't have the classic BF1942, BF2 epic scale. It feels more like a BC2 mod, where they added BF2 features, jets ect, but couldn't put bigger maps to make them worthwhile. BC2 overall is a much more polished game with varied game play. BF3 is already getting repetitive. I'm saying that with over 300hours in BC2, i kind of feel like going back to that now.

I actually might go to MW3, then back to BF3 when Karkand is out.
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