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Post by Pirroh @ 10:18pm 04/11/11 | 19 Comments
Ubisoft have released a demo for Anno 2070:
Anno 2070 is an upcoming video game with city-building and real-time strategy gameplay elements. It is set in the year 2070. Global warming has melted the Arctic ice cap, which has raised the global sea level so high that what used to be mountains are all that remains of land.

The game has two factions: Ecos and Tycoons. Ecos are environmental and build sustainable cities but are inefficient and slow to expand. Tycoons are industrious and expand quickly but have problems with pollution and dwindling resources.
Download it now locally from AusGamers. More info is available on our game page! promoted/edited forum item

anno 2070demo
Buy now from Green Man Gaming for only GBP£19.99 (USD$34.95 on Steam)!
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:20pm 04/11/11
damn early leak!@#
Posted 11:41pm 04/11/11
Nah, wasn't a leak trog. if you check Ubi's email the "publish time" is actually the timestamp of the email, not sure why they bothered to mention it -- maybe lost in translation. Anyway, here's our local download mirror:
Posted 12:32am 05/11/11
Download from AG fail 1st try too ages to pop up second try and never actually started to DL before I used the other link.
Posted 01:27am 05/11/11
Just played the first mission. Would like to try a sandbox map. Not a huge fan of small, pointless missions
Posted 02:21am 05/11/11
Just played the first mission. Would like to try a sandbox map. Not a huge fan of small, pointless missions

My thoughts exactly, that aside though it seems ok.
Posted 10:29am 05/11/11
Why cant I see comments ?
Posted 10:31am 05/11/11
Why cant I see comments ?
Posted 10:40am 05/11/11
I noobed it up, fixed.

Waiting for Internode to mirror it so I can download it at home!@#
Posted 04:49pm 05/11/11
It's strangely satisfying in a SIM CITY kind of way... Liking both the gameplay concept and aesthetic deisgn of the game, despite some pretty basic missions in the demo... Will keep an eye on this one!
Posted 11:43pm 11/11/11
Finally got around to installing this but the graphics seem all weird - everything has a weird white glow effect applied in it. Anyone else seen this?

edit: like this:

Tried changing video settings randomly but to no avail. Maybe video drivers out of date? Haven't updated for a while.
Posted 11:49pm 11/11/11
Batman, Skyrim, BF3, MW3 all released within a short period of time... bad time for Anno 2070 to come out!
Posted 01:11am 12/11/11
Trog, mine looks amazing. I think you might have one of the effect options up too high so it's adding some weird filter over the top.

As far as the game goes ... I've only just loaded up a campaign but wow, the presentation is stunning, the music is so scenic ... if this game sucks I'm still going to play a bit just for the atmosphere!
Posted 02:27am 12/11/11
So is this a cool RTS? Worth checking out?
Posted 11:23am 12/11/11
Woot, updated drivers and now its all good
Posted 11:26am 12/11/11
Mine looks like....

Posted 12:30pm 12/11/11
Yeh that is what mine looks like now - phew. Just about to dive in and give it a go.
Posted 05:35pm 12/11/11
was kinda looking forward to playing this, and the game freezes out just at the ark unfolds
Posted 06:25pm 12/11/11
Finished the demo. A bit short unfortunately so I don't really feel like I got enough of a taste, but what I saw seemed pretty good (for a single player game anyway)
Tanaka Khan
Posted 12:42am 20/11/11
Bought this the morning of release on Steam for $54 (Deluxe Version) and now it's jumped to $89.99. Glad I got it when I did although due to some sort of bug the game wasn't playable if you purchased it through Steam until the next day.
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