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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:41pm 04/11/11 | 12 Comments
The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association today announced they've happily welcomed the current classification guidelines proposal -- following amendments released today by the Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O'Connor -- though with some concern.

"We are pleased to see this process moving forward and understand that great care has been taken to balance the concerns of those who have resisted an R18+ classification and adults who want to play video games designed specifically for mature audiences and readily available in other developed democracies," said Ron Curry, CEO of the iGEA, who also voiced concern over the addition of language in the amended guidelines alluding to a higher level of impact on players due to the interactive nature of games.

"There will be continued debate about whether the interactivity of video games has a greater impact than other forms of media, and we will continue to refer to the lack of the evidence to support these claims," Curry said. "With that being said, we welcome the commitment from all parties involved to seek a reasonable outcome to address this longstanding issue."

You can have a look at the guidlines yourself and pipe up in our comments section by clicking right here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:13pm 04/11/11
Seems like the only thing that will get auto-RC is sexual violence. I guess that's not too shabby.
Posted 03:59pm 04/11/11
on today tonight last night, one of the AG's said he wants to ban GTA.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:20pm 04/11/11
Really? Which one? and Which GTA - he probably has no idea a GTA hasn't been released in more than 2 years. Makes me so angry!
Posted 04:27pm 04/11/11
I love it how all these old f***wits think that everything they dont like or agree with should be banned.

GG f***heads

Everything that is banned just draws more attention to it. I cant even count the amount of 'banned' movies ive sourced from elsewhere just to see what all the fuss is about.

last edited by Sc00bs at 16:27:09 04/Nov/11
Posted 04:48pm 04/11/11
On triplej news they reported that the guidelines strenghtened 'violence', 'sexual violence' and 'drug use'.


Reading through the RC category surely this would still result in bans like L4D2?

- violence with a very high degree of impact which are excessively frequent, prolonged, detailed or repetitive

Overall though, I still think it's a big improvement and hope it gets up. Then it will be up to the usual bulls*** of how the current Classification Board chooses to categorise things - but at least they have additional flexibility now.
Posted 04:49pm 04/11/11
Im sure that most of the gamers are over this entire 18+ thing already...

Myself, and im sure 99% of other gamers will still be getting the games they want from other sources whether its banned or not.

Banning something just makes it a little harder and more desirable for people.
Posted 07:37pm 04/11/11

Myself, and im sure 99% of other gamers

Posted 10:33pm 04/11/11
It would be nice to finally get this s*** sorted, but honestly it doesn't impact me none, since I don't buy from Australian stores anymore anyways...
Posted 10:39am 05/11/11
looks to me they just bumped ma15+ up to r18+
Posted 07:16pm 07/11/11
just saw saints row 3 on steam is r18+
Posted 07:31pm 07/11/11
The categories are not relevant atm. It's easy enough to change the categories down the road, and doesn't require the consent of idiot Attorney Generals pandering to minor special interest groups.

What's important is to get the R18+ label on the books, the rest will shake itself out in time.
Posted 07:34pm 07/11/11
you know i was wiki'ing book burning/banned books and came upon a list of banned movies in australia and i'm actually pretty glad some of that s*** is RC. There's some sick s*** out there.
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