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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:10pm 03/11/11 | 7 Comments
AusGamers was lucky enough to be invited out to this year's BlizzCon by our friends at Blizzard for the second year in a row, and amidst all the bamboo and black and white fur, we managed to infiltrate Sanctuary and grab two members from the Diablo 3 development team to talk about where they're currently at -- in terms of development post-beta -- with it.

Topics covered are changes made to the game based on beta feedback, and also how a mum can equally impact development. That Blizzard take it on board as their own fault if it takes 15-minutes for a player to understand any of their systems and whether or not you want anchovies on a pizza during game-development (no, really).

We've compiled the video interview with a transcript you can check out right here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:04pm 03/11/11
I'd have liked you guys to ask about their rationale behind no paladin class. I think this would have been my favorite, almost regardless of the skill set. Nothing like smashing demons and skeletons in full plate with shield and sword in hand. A game like this needs some kind of cleric/paladin class - it just fits.
Blizzard are probably holding onto it as pay-for DLC down the track...
Posted 02:08pm 03/11/11
Blizzard are probably holding onto it as pay-for DLC down the track...

It'll be the expansion ... blizzard don't really do DLC unless it's just vanity stuff.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:54pm 03/11/11
They broached this in one of the panels I've yet to transcribe (an hour-long), but basically the rationale was that they didn't want to make Diablo 2.5 and so they mixed up the classes a bit. I don't really have a problem with it though, I think the Demon Hunter class is a pretty neat addition, and really, they can't just rehash what people already know so, like, adding the Monk because they love fighting games, but because they wanted some fresh stuff in there is another great example of this working that way
Posted 03:43pm 03/11/11
Yeah, I loved the Paladin and Necro from 2 and was saddened not to see them, but understand that they wanted to bring something new. Which is awesome.
Posted 05:18pm 03/11/11
I support the new class additions. Obviously Paladin type class is very cool and fits the genre perfectly, but the Templar companion is available and no doubt a Holy-Warrior-esque class will be released in an expansion.
Posted 05:22pm 03/11/11
Love these interviews by the way lads keep up the good work!
Posted 05:56pm 03/11/11
This game just keeps looking better and better. Pre ordered my collectors edition last week.

Don't really care for a Paladin type class. Druids, Necros, and Assassins were the bomb in D2.
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