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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:40am 03/11/11 | 7 Comments
Despite the very disappointing Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Techland still managed to make an impact in the first-person space this year with their first-person survival holiday sim, Dead Island, where players fend off an increasing zombie epidemic on a lush tropical island by making makeshift weapons (ala Dead Rising) and slicing up the undead.

The game was met with mixed reviews (check out the AusGamers review - 8.1/10), but has seemingly sold well enough to have the developer applying for other "Dead" trademarks, specifically "Dead World" as was originally reported over at Siliconera (thanks Eurogamer). You can check the trademark application out by clicking here.

Techland responded to the speculation by saying they don't respond to speculation, but it really seems like a no-brainer. Speaking of braaaaainssss - does the world need another zombie title? If this turns out to be true, what would you like to see Techland improve with a Dead Island follow-up?

techlanddead islanddead worldzombies
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:43am 03/11/11
MMO me thinks. Though there is enough of them as well. Do some WW1 mixed with zombies. Or something besides modern day zombies.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:44am 03/11/11
what would you like to see Techland improve with a Dead Island follow-up

Better controls and a better loot system. And also not having the zombies scale with your lvl either would be awesome.
Posted 12:11pm 03/11/11
I liked the scaling. Especially once we learned to xp farm in the first couple acts.

I'd like to see a better loot system too, and better weapon selection. Better voice actors too. God, some of it was so cringeworthy. Oh, and being able to respec your characters would be f*****g great too.
Posted 04:20pm 03/11/11
Not to mention aspects of Australian society that are fictional at best...
Posted 10:14pm 03/11/11
what would you like to see Techland improve with a Dead Island follow-up?

How about fixing bugs in the first week, not a month after release ...
Posted 12:33am 04/11/11
Scaling is my new favorite thing. Made the whole game feel dangerous and fun.

I don't know what review this guy was reading, but Dead Island didn't get "mixed" reviews. It was a home run, marred slightly by a buggy release. Spent like 3 months on the top of Steam's Top Sellers list. Everyone that played it for more than 30mins loved the hell out of it, and told 10 friends.

Bring on Dead World!!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:35pm 04/11/11
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