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Post by trog @ 01:54pm 01/11/11 | 22 Comments
EA have announced that Battlefield 3 has sold over five million copies in its first week of release, making it the fastest selling game EA have ever had. It's interesting to note that a big part of the press release focuses on the stability of the online experience:
Server stability was solid in the first weekend, delivering EA’s highest-ever usage rates. While some players experienced intermittent outages of online services due to high volume, internal estimates show that servers and service uptime stabilized to roughly 98.9% throughout the weekend, ensuring that players were connected and enjoying the game. With a commitment to support the game as a software service, EA is listening to consumer feedback and is making daily updates and improvements to ensure an optimal online experience for all.
We've asked to find out what proportion of those are PC sales, but publishers are usually notoriously tight-lipped about that - so we'll see.

battlefield 3ea
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:58pm 01/11/11
how does this compare to say MW2 sales?
Posted 02:02pm 01/11/11
From memory, Black Ops hit 5 mill on it's first day.
Posted 02:02pm 01/11/11
I think MW2 still holds the record.
Posted 02:03pm 01/11/11
server stability might have been solid, but wasn't there issues with new people trying to sign up?
Posted 02:04pm 01/11/11
Nope, Black Ops beat MW2's record last year. But the field was a bit more uncontested then, so it will be interesting to see how MW3's launch goes.
Posted 02:40pm 01/11/11
Yeah, Ive been impressed with the servers for PC BF3, been able to play since day one no problems (slight rubber banding here n' there) so very well done, over all been ace, no issues.

Any one else remember black ops' PC hell first week or so, was unplayable for a long time, put me off the whole series
Posted 02:49pm 01/11/11
64 player servers have LOTS of rubber banding (and 32/48 player servers) and the random disconnects aren't great as well!

Having said that, still having lots of fun as I did with COD etc =]
Posted 02:59pm 01/11/11
I've seen loads of rubber banding and server instability
Posted 03:17pm 01/11/11
Haven't had as much rubber banding now, since last nights maintenance patch. I also believe BF3 has shipper 12 million copies or so, no proof though, just something I read on Reddit.
Posted 04:02pm 01/11/11
I note Tehran Highway is appalling in terms of lag and rubber banding. However, i am told its a server side or map issue. I have not had one terribad lag experience on that map.

Otherwise little to no lag. I had disconnect problems with the 'login server' however, after some tweaking it was fixed.
Posted 04:15pm 01/11/11
Honestly I had no problem with server stability... and I only noticed slight rubber banding after about 4 hours of playing, so I'm putting it down to my router acting up

Otherwise it's a fantastic game, love the new additions, although I never was much of a flyboy so the jets don't really matter to me... In fact the only real gripe I have is with Operation Metro... That map is just... plain not good.
Posted 04:31pm 01/11/11
yeah op metro is a bit of a fail, they really need to do something better with it
Posted 04:37pm 01/11/11
How can I be a religious gamer and have no f*****g idea what MW2 is?
Posted 04:40pm 01/11/11
heaps of lag here, im still waiting for my preorder
Posted 06:36pm 01/11/11
heaps of lag here, im still waiting for my preorder
Speak to a help rep, it'll take 10 mins.
Posted 07:32pm 01/11/11
but wasn't there issues with new people trying to sign up?

yep, considering origin didn't work straight away with Windows 7 64 bit, had to do some stupid 'netshwinsock' command in the cmd to get it working.

last edited by benneth at 19:32:25 01/Nov/11
Posted 07:32pm 01/11/11
yep, considering origin didn't work with Windows 7 64 bit, had to do some stupid netshwinsock command in the cmd to get it working.

Worked for me and I'm running 64 bit.
Posted 09:20pm 01/11/11
Works fine for me in Windows 7 64 bit too
Randy Cambell
Posted 10:12pm 01/11/11
Hope thay poo all over mw3 sales!
Posted 10:42pm 02/11/11
Worked for me and I'm running 64 bit.
Worked fine W7 64bit here too.

Game sure as hell doesn't work tonight though....

Game could not login to EA Online backend.

Eat a d*** EA.
Posted 10:58pm 02/11/11
Twisted, if you just keep spamming join you'll get onto a server eventually.
Posted 04:56pm 05/11/11
Is it just me or does the guy in the Army suit with the helmet thats looking at you in the BF3 icon look alot like Eric Bana from black hawk down ?
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