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Post by Dan @ 02:39pm 27/10/11 | 7 Comments
Japanese developer Level 5 have released a new trailer for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour, their upcoming Xbox Kinect-required mech-shooter title that is poised to be one of the first games to heavily feature Kinect motion controls in addition to the regular control pad.

The brief trailer below shows some gameplay action both in control of the mech and inside the cockpit interacting with the devices and crew. Those that remember the original Steel Battalion on Xbox should recall the ridiculously large custom controller covered with buttons that came with the game, well the Kinect functionality is an attempt to offer the same level of fine control over the vehicle by adding many motion control inputs.

Having seen the game in action recently at TGS, we're not quite sold on the the execution, but it certainly is an interesting concept that we can't wait to try for ourselves.

Steel Battalion is expected on the Xbox 360 in 2012. Watch the trailer embedded below or click here for the HD stream.

steel battaliontrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:52pm 27/10/11

I very much looking forward to this game. If it is done well, it will showcase that the Kinect doesn't have to be the only input to a game and can instead be used to augment the entire gaming experience.

Posted 03:45pm 27/10/11
Looks like it requires too much effort
Posted 04:23pm 27/10/11
Looks like it requires too much effort

Welcome to Steel Battalion.
Posted 04:55pm 27/10/11
I'd like to see a video of the person controlling it, and see what they're actually doing or how it works
Posted 05:40pm 27/10/11
I had a bit of fun playing with that controller at the history of games expo thing a while back was fun just starting then mech up.

Im calling it early that this is on rails and 'quicktime' your way thru a fight
Posted 05:51pm 27/10/11
It won't be on rails. Steel Battalion is about complexity. Let us hope they keep that with the Kinect controller. Having played with Kinect for a while and getting an idea of what it is capable of, this dual input system is the way to go
Posted 06:25pm 27/10/11
Khel: the demo we saw was hosted by two of the Japanese devs and was equal parts kinda cool and pretty odd. There's a whole bunch of different guestures that apply to different situations.

The default play position is sitting down with the controller in-hand and if you stand up, your dude pops up out of the mech's manhole to look around, then if you bring your hands up to your face like glasses, he pulls up his binoculars.

When you're down in the c***pit view and you press whatever button on the control to pull back from obvserving the battle, there's a whole bunch of different buttons and levers you can pull and you also pan around to the other guys that are in the tiny cabin with you.

In true Japanese style, they showed one part where a crew member gets spooked and tries to bail in the middle of a siege and you have to motion-control pull him back in then motion control slap some sense back into him. Also, at the end of the mission, you motion control shake hands with one of your buddies. Thanks Japan!

I think the concept is sound and it's at least a good novelty, if anything really lets it down it will be the Kinect latency.
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