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Post by Dan @ 10:11am 26/10/11 | 16 Comments
As patient gamers countdown to tomorrow's launch of Battlefield 3 in Australia (nevermind the PC users that have craftily stepped around regional restrictions), Nvidia have sent along a new set of videos recorded from their recent GeForce LAN 6 event that feature an hour long presentation by DICE rendering architect Johan Anderson.

The presentation, aimed at the enthusiast audience of the event obviously gets quite technical but really helps paint a picture of how much wizardry goes into raising the bar for game engine technology. Hit the links for the five-part presentation below:The massively anticipated Battlefield 3 touches down officially in Australia tomorrow, Thursday October 27 and you can read all of our overwhelmingly postive thoughts on the PC version in our in-depth review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:16am 26/10/11
Wonder when they'll fix the broken server lag :)
Posted 11:19am 26/10/11
Yeah, I noticed every once in a blue moon lag, but nothing major and went away quickly.
Posted 11:23am 26/10/11
Yeah I was getting it a bit last night too, it's supposedly an issue that only cropped up in the latest server build as it wasn't an issue in the Beta and I never noticed anything like it in the review period either.
Posted 12:07pm 26/10/11
i heard rumors that EA might ban people that used a vpn to get access early, what are your thoughts guys?
Posted 12:26pm 26/10/11
My thoughts are it would be hilarious
Posted 12:30pm 26/10/11
Anyone else unable to log into battlelog? it says your account is not allowed? Surely they wouldn't restrict me because i haven't gotten the game yet? I wanna join my clan platoon is all...
Posted 01:14pm 26/10/11
I pre-ordered this game in april so waiting one or two more days is no biggie.
I would f*****g LOL hard if they banned all the people that cannot wait another 48-24 hours for the official AU release.
Posted 01:30pm 26/10/11
I would f*****g LOL hard if they banned all the people that cannot wait another 48-24 hours for the official AU release.
I would lol harder at the class-action lawsuit.
Posted 01:34pm 26/10/11
No, the rumours are just that, rumours. EA reps have said no to banning, and a community rep on reddit said it would never go that far, just cause headaches for the networking staff "apparently".
Posted 02:09pm 26/10/11
I would lol harder at the class-action lawsuit.

Yes, EA vs a handful of jerkoffs who couldnt wait 3 days link

Good viewing those videos are, anyone else find it ironic he's talking about a game with no LAN implementation, at a LAN?

last edited by casa at 14:09:13 26/Oct/11
Posted 02:18pm 26/10/11
can i get a source for the no banning please Eorl?
Posted 02:26pm 26/10/11
Good viewing those videos are, anyone else find it ironic he's talking about a game with no LAN implementation, at a LAN?
Heh yeah, I thought exactly the same thing. The LAN was actually on an US Navy Aircraft Carrier though, so I imagine there would be no shortage of online connectivity.

I always enjoy John Carmacks Quakecon keynotes though, so it's good to see developers of competing tech also sharing their exploits in a similar way.
Posted 02:59pm 26/10/11
LANS dead, move on
Posted 03:10pm 26/10/11
"We've just received word that the street date has been broken for Battlefield 3.

Physical copies can now be picked up at many retailers, and owners of a digital copy on Origin will find their game available to be played this very second.

But where to play? How about on's shiny new servers - more details of which you can find here and, of course, here also.

See you out there! "
Posted 04:18pm 26/10/11
Just got back from Eb with my copies. they were just putting up the OUT NOW signs ;p
Posted 05:21pm 26/10/11

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