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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:34pm 25/10/11 | 14 Comments
Among most things, the one thing BlizzCon stands out most as is an information overload beast. There are a host of games - each as in-depth as the last; announcements galore, equally in-depth panel and Q&A sessions, interviews, hands-on opportunities and lots and lots of costumes. So many costumes.

AusGamers was on the ground, as you probably know, but we're not always free to write stuff in absolution due to the body of work in front of us. Thankfully this year, our very own Khel, a name you should all know as a senior member of our community, took the time out to inject his WoW knowledge in a write-up outlining the major changes and additions coming to Mists of Pandaria, and was gracious enough to let us feature it for him as a main-site preview.

I also hope you like at least one of the screens I added to his piece, which you can check out right here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:55pm 25/10/11
Interesting stuff, one would have to wonder (wow player back in the day) if those 'pets' specified would include the ones hunters already have. Pretty certain I spent a f***load of time getting those spirit beasts back in the day, if any pet is fit for battle then those guys are!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:12pm 25/10/11
Raazel, says it in the preview, but yes, almost all current pets people have accrued are useable in the Pet Battle
Posted 04:41pm 25/10/11
I think Raazel, by pets they mean your non-combat ones. So your standard hunter pets (including spirit beats) won't change in purpose.
Posted 04:59pm 25/10/11
If everything in this preview holds true, it might just bring me back into WoW

I've been waiting for the Pandarians for a while, and a Pokemon style pet system sounds like hella fun. Actually, just the fact this xpac is focusing on the war between Alliance and Horde is enough for me to grab it.
Posted 05:01pm 25/10/11
One can only hope this remains in the retail.

Posted 05:39pm 25/10/11
Agree with fuzzy, it may bring me back too.

WoW's been lacking in s*** to do that's amusing and fun outside of raiding or questing, so nice to see they're learning.
Posted 09:13pm 25/10/11
Yeah, this is actually sounding like a really good expansion, the more I heard about it, the more excited I was getting.

Pretty certain I spent a f***load of time getting those spirit beasts back in the day, if any pet is fit for battle then those guys are!

Its non-combat pets mostly I think Raazel, but there is something cool for hunter pets as well, you're going to be able to assign any role (tanking, dps or support) to any pet as a hunter. So you wont be, for example, locked into using a turtle pet to tank and a spider pet to pvp and a cat to dps, you can use whatever pet you like the look of and make it fill whatever role you want.
Posted 10:13pm 25/10/11
The new talent system should actually prove interesting. One of the things that annoyed me in cata was the complete lack of customisation in the talent trees. Aside from a few points, you talent tree was pretty much set in stone.

Shorter dungeons should be handy as well, for people like myself who just couldn't be arsed spending 1+ hours running a dungeon. Combined with the changes in 4.0-4.3 with tank threat and CC aggro (or lack thereof) it should make running PUG heroics a whole lot less painful.
Posted 10:20pm 25/10/11
I might subscribe to the year thing and get Diablo 3, and then see what this expansion is about. Reckon it will come start of 2012 to combat SWTOR?
Posted 10:39pm 25/10/11
D3 or the expansion Eorl?

I signed up for the 12 month subscription, sort of regret it since I've pre-ordered BF3 and Skyrim.
Posted 11:21pm 25/10/11
I don't think the expansion will be out at the start of 2012, but maybe by mid-year. The big final patch where you fight Deathwing hasn't landed yet but is (probably) due to come out in the next month or so, then there'll be another patch after that for the event that leads up to Mists of Pandaria, then the expansion.

They said at Blizzcon that they're trying to get expansions out every 18 months instead of every 2 years, so that would put it at about mid year next year. Diablo 3 is pegged for early 2012 though
Posted 11:22pm 25/10/11
I want a Tyrael statue that came in the goodie bag. Seriously someone sell me theirs.
Posted 11:32pm 25/10/11
This actually peeks my interest a little bit.

I can't deny that when I first played this game I absolutely loved it. The way you could quest and get completely drawn into the game. The thrill of exploring a new zone . The excitement of my first PVP in WSG was awesome. I even remember finding the entrance to WSG in the barrens by chance.

Ah the memories. Hopefully they can completely re-design the world and bring back the excitement of exploring new lands. I know the expansions offered new lands but it never felt the same as the original. No doubt this expansion looks good but I honestly think they need to completely re-do the game engine and start over. I wouldn't even care if the mechanics were the same with a new engine. I just want them to take advantage of the graphics available now. That's what is holding this game back from continuing on as the best game ever.
Posted 11:44pm 25/10/11
I just want a damn Pokemon MMO. Only thing I have at the moment is Digimon Online. I dunno, I will probably not subscribe, it will just turn into me jumping online, doing some quests, then sitting in one of the major cities being bored. I think I am well and truly over WoW.
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