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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:18am 25/10/11 | 19 Comments
Bethesda and id Software were kind enough to hook AusGamers up with a special game and swag pack for RAGE, featuring a copy of the game on all three platforms, a T-Shirt, a signed A3 poster by Tim Willits and Matt Hooper and a replica Wingstick.

These are in short supply though. In fact we only have three of them -- one for each platform -- so you need to get in quick.

And how do you enter, well if you're an AusGamers regular, you know how, and we know just how much you love it, but for everyone else, just tell us in 50 words or less:

If you had your own working Wingstick, who would you aim it at and why?

Obviously we're looking for the most creative responses (because we actually wouldn't expect you to realistically ever want to throw a Wingstick at someone), and need you to remember to tell us your preferred platform of choice.

Click here to enter!

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:21am 25/10/11
50 words!! What happened to TFOL?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:25am 25/10/11
I wanted to give you a chance to be REALLY creative :)
Posted 10:28am 25/10/11
If you had your own working Wingstick, who would you aim it at and why?

So just aiming, no throwing right?
Posted 10:45am 25/10/11
Target: Justin Bieber, sure the target isn't that original but god damn it the demon spawn.just released A CHRISTMAS ALBUM...I'm trying to save the world here...

Platform: xbox
Posted 11:17am 25/10/11
Goodluck giving that s***** game away
Posted 11:30am 25/10/11
Omnibus: doing it wrong
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:34am 25/10/11
Anyone who just threw in an entry, can you redo the process, we had a hiccup in admin that I've now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience
Posted 11:40am 25/10/11
I can only be that amazingly creative once per week. Do I get a runner's up prize or even a thank-you-for-trying ribbon?
Posted 11:55am 25/10/11
Competition not found :(

Is it closed??
Posted 11:58am 25/10/11
Oh ok I just read your post Steve :)

Posted 01:22pm 25/10/11
yeah the >>> ENTER NOW <<< link is outdated at the bottom of the page
Posted 01:31pm 25/10/11
Entry Submitted, stupid Antivirus tried to prevent me because it had my details in it though... :/
Fingers crossed for the PC version. :D
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:32pm 25/10/11
oops, yep fixed that. Should be good to go now dudes
Posted 03:17pm 25/10/11
Posted 03:20pm 25/10/11
PC or XBox360 is fine for me... just sayin.
Posted 06:09pm 25/10/11
but I already bought the game.
Posted 09:35am 07/11/11
So I uh... didn't get an email... but my name is on the winners list.
Posted 10:25am 07/11/11
Wait for something to get delivered to your mailing address?
Posted 10:42am 07/11/11
The T&C just said I should receive a confirmation email, that's all.
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