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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 08:39am 22/10/11 | 39 Comments
Blizzard have announced a pretty sweet deal for devout fans of their titles, specifically for WoW players also looking forward to Diablo 3. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Diablo series, Diablo 3 will be free, in its entirety, for anyone who signs up for a World of Warcraft Annual Pass. The Pass is essentially a 12-month contract that sees you still paying monthly to play WoW, it's just automated (and locks you in for the period), but you get a full digital copy of Diablo 3 you can play from day one.

You'll also be given access to the beta for World of Warcraft: Mists of Panderia, as well as Tyreal's Charger Mount for WoW, free, and exclusively from the annual pass purchase. You can click here right now to sign up and learn more.

Box art and a Collector's Edition for Diablo 3 were also revealed. The CE will net you some pretty sweet swag including the game, an art book, the soundtrack, a behind-the-scenes DVD and a Soul Stone 4GB USB stick complete with an awesome Diablo head as its lid, and it'll come preloaded with Diablo 2. You'll also get in-game items for Diablo 3, World of WarCraft and StarCraft 2.

Stay tuned for local pricing and release details for the Diablo 3 Collector's Edition as soon as we have them.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:14am 22/10/11
Also Steve, new trailer

Posted 10:37am 22/10/11
Holy s*** that trailer was epic.
Posted 10:48am 22/10/11
Yeah sweet trailer, who's the jabba the hut dude, I've never followed the lore of Diablo, I just used to run around killing s***.
Posted 10:52am 22/10/11
He was one of the lesser evils (Azmodan) who rebelled against the Prime Evils (Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal) in the events encompassing the previous games.

More info here
Posted 11:34am 22/10/11
This is apparantly the CE edition. I must find and procure a copy for the good of the nation.

Posted 11:36am 22/10/11
And the kicker is that if you play WoW & sign up on the 12 month thing, then buy the Diablo 3 CE and add the game code to your existing Battle.Net account, you'll get 4 months of WoW access credited to you.

Not too shabby. Especially for nutters like me who collect Blizzard CE boxes.
Posted 11:37am 22/10/11
Posted 11:39am 22/10/11
Nah it's a slippery slope jedi. Sign up for WoW and soon you are playing it, then addicted again, then your stealing things to sell for your subscription fee. Though with pandas and monks I suspect it will boom again in player numbers.
Posted 12:09pm 22/10/11
We shall see DM, we shall see.
Posted 12:43pm 22/10/11
Wait a second, how much IS a annual pass to WoW? Isn't it like $155 up front? How is that a good thing.
Posted 12:54pm 22/10/11
Awesome about more D3 news, but no thanks to the Annual Pass! Stopped playing WoW after I tried out WoTLK, and seeing Cataclysm and now this Panda s***e I will never go back...
Posted 01:13pm 22/10/11
looks good!

looking forward to this one - interesting to note it will be out for mac too.

Wonder if it will run on my 2011 air...
Posted 01:47pm 22/10/11
Its not $155 up front, you just have to make a 12 month commitment but you still pay monthly. Since I'd be paying for a monthly WoW subscription anyway, I just swapped my account to the annual thing and it doesn't cost me anymore but I get free Diablo 3 and all the other cool stuff. Epic win!
Posted 01:49pm 22/10/11
But you don't get the CE stuff for D3! Even if I did play wow i'd still want the D3 CE.
Posted 01:52pm 22/10/11
Ah I thought it was upfront, my bad! Wait, can you cancel the subscription?
Posted 01:53pm 22/10/11
Nah, you can't cancel it once you commit to the 12 month thing
Posted 01:55pm 22/10/11
Bugger, was gonna dupe the system.

Posted 02:03pm 22/10/11
DM: yeah, except I've been playing since launch with a brief break when Fallout 3 came out. Surprisingly enough I'm still finding myself enjoying the game as much as I did back at the start.
Posted 02:56pm 22/10/11
Hummm, now I'm kinda tempted to sub, just to get D3. But I'd never use the subscription time.
Posted 05:13pm 22/10/11
yeah ill be getting the 12month sub to get d3, and to checkout the beta of the new wow exp. sounds like theyve taken the pve rift idea and added it, which i f***en loved, and the main problem with rift and the big pve events sucking was that there werent enough players.. wow has a f*** tonne of players
Posted 07:48pm 22/10/11
I think I will need to obtain this CE D3. This game is going to get a lot of my love.
Posted 08:01pm 22/10/11
so getting the CE, but cbf subbing to blizz for 12 months
Posted 08:59pm 22/10/11
Awesome trailer. Looking forward to it.
Posted 09:45pm 22/10/11
Its not $155 up front, you just have to make a 12 month commitment but you still pay monthly. Since I'd be paying for a monthly WoW subscription anyway, I just swapped my account to the annual thing and it doesn't cost me anymore but I get free Diablo 3 and all the other cool stuff. Epic win!
Are you sure? The 3 month sub is up front, seems weird to give you a total figure and then charge you monthly as if you were on a monthly sub.
Posted 09:45pm 22/10/11
wtf green lantern is dateing frodo...oh wait off topic. man thats a pretty sick ce. i cant wait to get my greasy cheeto encrusted hands on it
Posted 02:04am 23/10/11
Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure, I have already changed my account over to it. They said at Blizzcon as well that you pay in monthly installments.
Posted 08:06am 23/10/11
Q: What is a WoW Annual Pass?
A: The WoW Annual Pass is a twelve month World of Warcraft subscription which can be paid for in monthly installments.
Q: Who is eligible?
A: To participate, you must be 18 or older, have a valid credit card, and have registered a full version of World of Warcraft on or before 10.18.2011.
Q: When do I get Diablo III and the other exclusive benefits?
A: You'll be able to download and play Diablo III as soon as it's available and once you complete the one-year term, it's yours to keep, even if you cancel your subscription. Tyrael's Charger will be available with Patch 4.3, and beta access will go live with the beta launch.

Khel what server do you play on, since I got a year to play WoW again I'm re-rolling.
Posted 09:19am 23/10/11
Don't do it, it's a trap!
Posted 10:09am 23/10/11
Where does it say anything about $155? Can't see it on the site. Don't play wow anymore but temped by this grrr.
Posted 10:15am 23/10/11
Khel what server do you play on, since I got a year to play WoW again I'm re-rolling.

I'm alliance on Dath'remar, add me on realid if you want,

Also, I think the $155 figure is just 12 months times the monthly fee.
Posted 10:19am 23/10/11
It's $15 monthly which is like 180. Unless you go 2 six month payments which is close to 155. And I guess you may as well since you can't cancel your sub anyway.
Posted 10:25am 23/10/11
alright added, is mine
Posted 10:53am 23/10/11
How does one usually get a collectors edition?
Posted 01:39pm 23/10/11
But it turns out the game is region locked :(
Posted 01:46pm 23/10/11
Are there any stores accepting pre orders on the CE yet? I've never grabbed a CE of a game before, but I think that might change now
Posted 01:48pm 23/10/11
Carson, where does it say it's region locked?
Posted 03:26pm 23/10/11
Posted 10:07am 24/10/11
Ok, so EB games have it for 148.

Only need $50 deposit then pay the rest on release. Might get it there, only because I really want it.
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