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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:08pm 14/10/11 | 3 Comments
Further to the new gameplay demo video released for Syndicate today, we also have a hands-on report of just what the game feels like to play from a hands-on session AusGamers had while out at the recent EA Showcase in Las Vegas.

Today's video is 11-minutes long, however, we actually played around with the demo for a bit longer, and explored a bit more of what's on offer. Thankfully, having said video to look at alongside our impressions is a better way to relay more of what the game is like to play, rather than just explaining all the nuts and bolts that keeps it together. Suffice to say though, there's a lot to get excited about here.

Click here for our full hands-on preview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:03am 15/10/11
It still NOT Syndicate... they should have called it something else.
Posted 01:35am 15/10/11
One of the key factors of syndicate was the lack of personal interaction with the world. It was always a distanced feeling showing the view of the mega corporation mercilessly doing whatever it takes, but without showing it's actual affect on people or getting involved in who or what the people that are being killed are.
The demo shown not only has constant contact with a companion character but it shows a human face to the victim and gives you a feeling of what the person is actually like and what you're doing to them.

The game was always about the masses. About huge faceless forces colliding with destruction and carnage.

I can give a reboot a chance, but what aside from the naming scheme is even remotely connected to the syndicate games of past.
Posted 01:36am 15/10/11
Agree with Varchld's points 100%.

Still keen to have a look at this, it looks interesting.
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