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Post by Dan @ 12:53pm 14/10/11 | 16 Comments
Although the development of a Syndicate game at Swedish studio Starbreeze was largely known before it's official announcement by EA a few weeks ago, the February 24th 2012 release date still came as a surprise.

If you thought EA might not have enough time to get the hype machine rolling, it looks like they're already offering some big tastes of the game with 2 new trailers landing this morning.

First up, we have an Origins trailer which offers a trip down memory lane to Bullfrog's original 1993 hit, but the one you really want to watch is this 11 minute gameplay walkthrough which serves up an extended look at the same section of the game that was revealed to press at EA's revent Las Vegas Showcase event.

Watch it embedded below ,click here for the HD option or download the 800MB high bitrate source.


electronic artseastarbreezesyndicate
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:00pm 14/10/11
Disappointed almost right away when I saw a "press L3 to..." message. If the first real look at gameplay we get is on a console I think it's safe to assume it'll be a PC port.
Posted 01:02pm 14/10/11
it sounds and looks so much like Deus Ex.
Posted 01:10pm 14/10/11
Oh and another thing. If you are in a chinese/japanese building then why the s*** are all the holographs talking english to you?

EDIT - Shooting a guy holding a grenade which is about to go off = grenade stops working?. Also auto lock on. F*** me i'm negative about games these days lol.

last edited by DM at 13:10:01 14/Oct/11
Posted 01:38pm 14/10/11
the original ur men where not more than brainless cyber enhanced drones. u played the evil ceo. outfitting ur troops wit chest nukes so if they died they took the whole block with them. u dont get than when its a fps and ur playing as one of the drones. sure the setting is cool, i fing love cyber punk, and im sure most of us are pretty dam sick of "modern war" its become the new ww2 of video gameing.
Posted 01:39pm 14/10/11
Cause Lockon is for pussies
Posted 01:47pm 14/10/11
I'll pass.
Posted 02:31pm 14/10/11
Looks pretty cool. Will probably be more interesting to me then Deus Ex 3rd, which I just can not for the life of me get into. Hopefully it's not gonna be a PC port, and is actually worthwhile on PC.

Also, the holographs are probably speaking English because they detect someone who can speak English. Or maybe it's a technology thing? Who knows, it's in the future.
Posted 04:28pm 14/10/11
Was playing Syndicate for the PS1 not long ago on PS3 with some friends. That was one of the most difficult to control games haha.
Posted 04:45pm 14/10/11
nice level.
Posted 04:53pm 14/10/11
It looks fun, but I still don't see why it should be a Syndicate game, doesn't really feel like Syndicate to me. Their version of the Gauss Gun isn't anything like it was in Syndicate either.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:02pm 14/10/11
Check out our hands-on for a counter point to much of what's being discussed here.

Syndicate Hands-On
Posted 05:13pm 14/10/11
Meh. Looks kind of terrible. Console fail port inbound...
Posted 05:21pm 14/10/11
Ground control to the forums, there is no such thing as "not a console port" for multiplatform titles anymore and you're just going to have to deal with that.

The closet thing to a multiplatform title having PC as the primary platform at the moment is probably Battlefield 3 and based on beta experiences, I wouldn't hold that up as a beacon of how to do things right for PC first and consoles second.

As long as they remain the most populous and profitable platforms, consoles are going to remain as the primary focus for any mutliplatform title, the best a PC only gamer can hope for some PC-tailored attention a game and I see no reason yet to conclude that we're not going to get that with this new Syndicate.
Posted 05:58pm 14/10/11
Looks pretty cool.
Posted 07:27pm 14/10/11
Don't see what was wrong with BF3 beta Dan, that makes you think they aren't trying harder for PC, when we get 64 player mode, jets, better controls, better graphics and nice, clean interface to launch the game from. Only the hatred who complain at any given chance are saying its bad.

Syndicate to me looks like Deus Ex, but doesn't seem to play like it at all. It's more focused on combat and technology then Deus Ex was. I don't see how it can really be yelled at as a console port, as we've seen barely no pc play. Does that mean they might not show it? Who knows. I only ever saw console play for Deus, and the leak had console port written over it. Yet its now claimed as a great multiplatform, and held in high light among gaming communities.
Posted 09:18pm 16/10/11
looks pretty good, you know, as in not bad.
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