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Post by Eorl @ 09:18am 13/10/11 | 22 Comments
Hi-Rez Studios, the guys who brought you Global Agenda, a now Free-To-Play MMO, are developing the next Tribes title that will hopefully revitalise the franchise, and bring back the glorious large space battles that Tribes was known for. The Tribes games have been played by well over 1 million gamers and feature fast-paced, jetpack-enabled multiplayer combat. Tribes: Ascend continues that tradition, delivering speed, verticality, vehicles and stunning graphics as a free-to-play game for the PC. Currently you can pre-order the game at a 33% off, which includes:

* VIP Status
* 800 Tribes Gold
* 30-Day Booster
* Closed Beta Access

Tribes will be Free-To-Play, but in the same field of many recent MMO's and the likes of League of Legends and Team Fortress2, where you purchase the game initially, and then pay no monthly fees, but are given the option to either pay upfront for instant unlocks, or grind through the game to unlock without paying. This initial phase of Closed Beta will include Hi-Rez-managed servers in North America, Europe, and Australia, and will include a subset of content and features planned for the launch release. Closed Beta can also be won by signing up at their website, Tribes: Ascend and then hopefully being picked from the no doubt many thousands of other players. So if your extremely desperate for some new school Tribes gameplay, then your best bet is to pre-order, and I'll see you on the field!

A FAQ of the current state of the game is also available here

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Tribes: Ascend Gameplay Teaser Trailer

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:24am 13/10/11
is this an mmofps?

I believe it's somewhat of a FPS basically, but mixed with some MMO'ness.
Posted 09:32am 13/10/11
Posted 01:43pm 13/10/11
You can pre-download the beta now, its 2.2GB or so
Posted 03:24pm 13/10/11
Tribes will be Free-To-Play, but in the same field of Guild Wars, where you purchase the game initially, and then pay no monthly fees.

Hmm, that doesn't sound very free to play to me, sounds like the standard purchase model used for thousands of years.
Posted 03:30pm 13/10/11
You can eat this hamburger FOR FREE.... after you buy it.
Posted 06:56pm 13/10/11
no real tribes player would want to play a sequel that doesn't have dedicated servers
Posted 10:38pm 13/10/11
I've updated the OP, but initially, you'll be able to either pay for loadouts up front, making them unlock instantly, or you can simply play the game and unlock them over time. All loadouts can be unlocked without paying, but with the recent incentive of "unlocking without doing anything" that other games are offering is there. They will also have a online shop to buy skins/cosmetic items and boosters to gain more experience faster.
Posted 08:42pm 09/11/11
I'm going to bump this as I didn't want to start a whole new thread for it. I have 3 beta keys for Tribes: Ascend, they last you the whole Closed Beta, and might even get you access for Open Beta. Please post here when you've used them up, saves the trouble of others.




To register their key, your friends should download the Hi-Command Installer from and then visit the Tribes tab.
Posted 08:59pm 09/11/11
Looks like I nabbed this one:

Cheers Eorl
Posted 09:07pm 09/11/11
No problem E.T. I'm not sure if you get beta keys yourself as well, but if you do, post em up here.
Posted 09:14pm 09/11/11
I got T1C57-9BB4F-0A434-CF9B1-81C52 cheers Eorl
Posted 09:28pm 09/11/11
I used T1D55-2F91E-CDC84-5FFA6-AB599 . Cheers!
Posted 10:43pm 09/11/11
I was a huge Tribes fan 10 or 11 years ago. I had early cable internet and played in a South Pacific international comp.
Fun days :)
Posted 10:51pm 09/11/11
This version is interesting. Not quite as well thought out as the original Tribes, but still enjoyable enough.
Posted 11:42pm 09/11/11
Wait what? Tribes and not dedicated server? Fail.
Posted 10:56pm 12/11/11
Hi Command just says "Pre-reqs" all the time. I cant get it to run :(

Scratch that, might be alright now. As you where.
Posted 12:14am 13/11/11
makes me want to go dig out my original copy of Tribes
Posted 10:19am 13/11/11
I never played the original Tribes but this game is so much fun, loving the speed of it!
Posted 11:32am 13/11/11
it looks like the love child halo and quake
Posted 03:27pm 13/11/11
It's like Tribes but underwater and in slow motion, with less weapons and ammo, less health/shields, less everything.

More unlocks and XP points though, so woo hoo.
Posted 06:44pm 13/11/11
they still havent added the shocklance
I'd be playing this if i could but i cna't so i wont, be
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