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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:33pm 11/10/11 | 3 Comments
FIFA 12 is well and truly out and has been doing just what that series does best: dominate the pitch. But there's another franchise with just as much history and just as fervent a fanbase out there you may want to check out.

The Pro Evolution Soccer series was once the king of football games, but due to a lack of licensing and more robust development over the years, FIFA has definitely taken over in terms of popularity, but there are still split camps between the two.

So we gave a copy of the game to our resident sports expert, Amos, to see if Konami have what it takes to lift their game.

Click here for the review verdict.

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Posted 03:22pm 11/10/11
So it's an above average game but falls short compared to FIFA12, one of the reasons being licensing issues. Not surprising.

What was FIFA12 rated by AG again? can't seem to find the thread..
Posted 03:46pm 11/10/11
Posted 07:14pm 11/10/11
So are the mechanics the same as ProEvo 2011?
I found these far superior to FIFA 11's "try to do everything for the player approach".
Was always a huge FIFA fan, but the mechanics are like rolling a dice: one time your player makes the perfect throughball, another time with exactly the same setup and positioning, he kicks it straight to a defender because FIFA says "i'll take care of this one...oops seems I got it wrong".
With collisions in FIFA 11 and earlier, its sort of like an RPG. Whoever has the higher strength rating, generally always wins out; even if they haven't got any momentum up and then get shoulder-to-shouldered by a smaller dude running full speed, the 'stronger' dude too often wins. Simple-minded and not very realistic.
Also, I still love the FIFA defender AI :P: "I am running back to cover my goal and compact the defence; oh the attacker is running towards me, so I'll just run towards him, oh no, now it seems I just ran right past the attacker...oh, he scored a goal...oh well".
Made by Canadians, a true soccer nation :P
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