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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:38am 11/10/11 | 12 Comments
Amidst all the Frostbite 2/Battlefield 3 talk, every once in a while DICE are asked about that far left-field title they parkoured onto an unsuspecting videogame industry, Mirror's Edge, and the potential for it to triumphantly return in sequel form.

The game was critically acclaimed for its visuals, free-running mechanic and art-direction, but none of this resonated with consumers enough to mark the game a retail success.

However, in a recent chat with SPoNG, DICE's Patrick Liu rekindled hope we'd see a sequel to Mirror's Edge at some point in time and that he feels "there's a market there".

"I think it’s something that people are ready to get into again," he said. "We see that there’s a huge fan following, it’s almost like a cult! And we know what strengths we had, and what weaknesses we had in that game. If we were to release a new game, we’d know what to improve and how to reach a broader audience."

We're inclined to agree as well. The first-person market has expanded immensely since Mirror's Edge was released, and next year will see a massive list of titles that are anything but modern-conflict shooters, with the likes of BioShock Infinite, Prey 2, Syndicate, Dishonored and more serving up expanded first-person gaming.

If a Mirror's Edge sequel did arrive, what would you like to see changed or added? (And could you imagine how good it would look running on Frostbite 2?!).

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:42am 11/10/11
Woot. I liked the original despite its flaws.

Id like open world type setting similar to assassins creed with police, enemies, side quests etc. My fave thing of assassins creed is getting from A to B how i like and i disliked the linear nature of Mirror's Edge.

And more simple weapons.
Posted 10:58am 11/10/11
The original looked good at the time, but the controls were clunky and the story was really cliche. Definitely won't be playing any sequels to this franchise!
Posted 11:01am 11/10/11
Clunky controls, WTF? I played with keyboard + mouse and it was fine. Sure, story was s*** but seriously how many games have good stories. I think Max Payne 2 was the last time i actually listened to the story, since then i skip straight to the action every cutscene.
Posted 11:12am 11/10/11
Who bought the game for the storyline? I got it for the awesome free running.

I absolutely loved it ... was nice to play something different to the usual releases.
Posted 11:16am 11/10/11
Yea I am definitely keen on trying platying the new one. The original was great fun, far from a perfect game but a lot of fun. Oh and for anyone that didn't know (I just found out yesterday) there are plenty of mods out there which can enhance the first one.
Posted 11:32am 11/10/11
Who bought the game for the storyline? I got it for the awesome free running.

Posted 11:40am 11/10/11
I loved the original although for a sequel i'd like to see more hand to hand combat. Not so much free world but have many path options. I'd like to see the game spill out onto the streets below, while still being on the rooftops and everything in between and perhaps some more variety in the art direction would be good too
Posted 12:39pm 11/10/11
i would love to see them try an open world city. also get rid of the gun play. it was unnecessary in the original game. the game should focus on just free running, but if they do include some fighting, make it only hand to hand.
Posted 01:06pm 11/10/11
I must be one of the only ones who found no problem with the controls, once you worked them out it was fine. I didn't mind the gun play but that been said i tried to run through / dodge it all because it felt more challenging.

The original looked good at the time, but the controls were clunky and the story was really cliche. Definitely won't be playing any sequels to this franchise!

Grats mr 1 poster, you can say the same about every single game these days almost. Hi gears 3, same clunky cover crap... and really.. the planet is going to blow up? holy s*** originality 101 right there. Pretty much the same can be said for most games these days.
Posted 03:42pm 11/10/11
I really enjoyed the first so yeah i'd love to see a sequel running on Frostbite 2. I also agree on the open world style gameplay, but that would be harder to get a consistent flow of parkour going.
Posted 05:55pm 11/10/11
I really enjoyed the firrst one. It was quite linear, but it was still enjoyable. I would like to see less combat and more free running in a sequal.
Posted 12:30pm 12/10/11
Yeah, if it was just open map, people wouldn't have to figure out the crazy parkour path. People can just be lazy and not have to do much any parkour, which is the key factor of the franchise.
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