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Post by Dan @ 01:03am 08/10/11 | 128 Comments
It looks as though DICE want to finish up the Open Beta for Battlefield 3 with a big bang, as they appear to have given server providers the go ahead to run the Caspian Border map, complete with jeeps, tanks, helicopters and jets for the full BF3 experience.

The map caters for up to 64 players on PC and as such is more system intensive than the infantry only Operation Metro map that we've all been playing for the past week. However, there are currently servers running in 23 and 48 player configurations which might be a better option for those without top-of-the-line gaming rigs.

The Battlefield 3 open beta test is set to close on October 10th 2011 (presumably Pacific Standard Time) ahead of the game's launch on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 27th.

battlefield 3open beta
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:38am 08/10/11
Currently there are a crapload of AUS servers, some with 64 players, some with 32 and some with 48 . If your filtering with AU as a name filter, ensure you've ticked Oceania as well obviously. I've also found ticking 5+ empty slots to help as well, instead of just staring at full servers and clicking "refresh" or individual server in hope of a empty slot. Some servers are also allowing queuing, but not sure which ones specifically.

Oh on another note, Punkbuster is now enabled, so you might get randomly kicked as of the norm with PB. Also, remember the servers will lag, as they are stress testing limits and ISP's etc, and also being beta. Though they seemed to have fixed a lot of the Caspian Border bugs I've seen on YouTube videos.
Posted 01:49am 08/10/11
any server with pb would kick me, no matter what. Seems a HUGE proportion of people are getting kicked.
Posted 02:09am 08/10/11
I've found that the GameArena severs are not kicking me, all others are.
Posted 02:30am 08/10/11
I just had a quick go. Man, it's amazing. THIS is Battlefield. I am now 100% confident that this game surpasses BC2.
Posted 04:11am 08/10/11
Dont know if its the servers I played on or what but I was disapointed, had that feeling of going through molasses that the bf series sometimes has with jerky lags. WIll have to try out some other servers, why they couldnt just have dedicated servers you could host yourself .... no idea
Posted 09:36am 08/10/11
I notice the cost of the intel Q**** series quad cores has gone through the roof, everybody who has realised core 2 duo's aren't going to cut it is trying to get the quad cores to avoid replacing mobo
Posted 09:45am 08/10/11
Just played Caspian Border 64 with high settings on Acer Timeline X lappy, smooth as silk, the map is amazing I cannot wait for this!!!
Posted 10:33am 08/10/11
I'm getting booted off servers (CTD) after about 15mins as well....not sure if it is PB doing it. I'm not running the recommended Nvidia driver, so that might have something to do with it
Posted 10:45am 08/10/11
I like looking at the player list in game and it keep thinking, ooeer that is a big list of players.

I hope that some experimental 128 player servers will pop at some point in BF3 life cycle, that would be uber.
Posted 10:45am 08/10/11
64 player conquest the way BF should be played.
Posted 10:58am 08/10/11
ill cream my pants if they bring out 128 player servers
Posted 12:07pm 08/10/11
Loving Caspian Border. The only thing I struggle with is the sheer amount of information to process. All the shrubbery and buildings make it really hard to spot someone if you're moving. Most of the time I get killed by someone behind me.

Also when you look at the player list, about half of the people (GA server) aren't really playing, they're running off into the hills away from the action...
Posted 12:09pm 08/10/11
64 player is awesome, noticed a bit of team work in my squad this round which was awesome. (ppl actually stopping in heli's and cars to grab you)

but yeah did notice alot of rambo's sniping from bushes and not heading anywhere near the direction of battle :/

cant wait for the full game, the bigger level feels so awesome and would be so fun with 128 players :) having mini wars all around the map
Posted 12:26pm 08/10/11
caspian border is so much better than that s***** metro map. still wont be buying though
Posted 12:31pm 08/10/11
64 player is awesome, noticed a bit of team work in my squad this round which was awesome. (ppl actually stopping in heli's and cars to grab you)

but yeah did notice alot of rambo's sniping from bushes and not heading anywhere near the direction of battle :/

Yeh that was my experience last night - a third running around sniping and s***, a third standing in the airfield, a third actively trying to take objectives.
Posted 12:34pm 08/10/11
Yeh that was my experience last night - a third running around sniping and s***, a third standing in the airfield, a third actively trying to take objectives.

Sounds just like the old Battlefields. The stingers seem to be pretty good for helicopters but the jets in my ten minutes of experience seem to be able to outmaneuver them.
Posted 12:37pm 08/10/11
I had a go on the map last night. It is beautiful, but you can get lost it's that big. It feels very real.
Posted 12:39pm 08/10/11
Damn my ATI 4850 isn't cutting it :(

anyone running a 6950 or the nvidia equiv here? Do you get 60fps with that card?
Posted 12:53pm 08/10/11
I'm on a GTX 570, running very nicely on ultra
Posted 12:53pm 08/10/11
I'm running 2x 5770's, and besides the server lag, it's running at 70 FPS on average. Settings are all high except for shadows, turned them low, and turned HBAO off, and also turned motion blur down and off.
Posted 01:08pm 08/10/11
WOW!! I need more CPU's! Damn laggin here and there..
Posted 01:23pm 08/10/11
the size and detail of the map is really impressive
Posted 01:30pm 08/10/11
It's probably been said a million times during beta, but the in-game map ("M") and the mini map really suck in BF3. I didnt mind it as much on Op Metro but on a large map like Caspian it is totally useless...I had no idea where I was most of the time.

They need to make the map alot more like BF2' was perfect.
Posted 01:31pm 08/10/11
yeah i hope there is some sort of zoom function on the mini map
Posted 01:34pm 08/10/11
The N key provides 3 levels of zoom (like in BF2), but it doesnt really make it any better. Its a combination of the color scheme it uses, scale and design which make it useless

The 'M' key just brings up a larger version of the minimap, but you cannot see the entire map at all
Posted 01:37pm 08/10/11
I'm on a GTX 570, running very nicely on ultra

Ultra is just the same as High in the beta I think
Posted 02:26pm 08/10/11
caspian border still hasn't convinced me :\ not going to buy
Posted 02:39pm 08/10/11
Ultra is just the same as High in the beta I think

They're pretty much the same, but Ultra has some more advanced anti-aliasing and anisitropic filtering. The texture and shader/effect quality is the same.
Posted 02:56pm 08/10/11
"You were kicked from the server by an administrator."

Is that punk buster, happening every time about 30secs into a game, any server? was playing fine last night
Posted 03:10pm 08/10/11
Posted 05:22pm 08/10/11
Le f*****g sigh I've started getting the PB kicks again, I guess I have to try that community fix for the always worthless PB.
Posted 05:30pm 08/10/11
Punkbuster does its job and bans hackers, but then also griefs so many people with its constant kicking issues.
Posted 06:21pm 08/10/11
I really like the open feel of the level. The in game map really sucks and almost useless. You could get away with it in metro, in c.b. though, not a chance. I really hope they improve it and the squads.

I.m also getting horrible artifacting in c.b. I think it its the Nvidia beta drivers, going to roll back the drivers and see if that helps.
Posted 06:22pm 08/10/11
Well that fix worked for me, no kick, was having a good game until the hacks showed up and started the whole teleport everyone to one location thing.

My PC really can't handle this game and it's making it hard for me to enjoy but I can't hold that against it.
Posted 06:41pm 08/10/11
My pc is actually running this map better than the metro one, fcked if I know why. i've got everything turned to low on a gtx20 oc'd and its running pretty much at 40-60 all the time.
It's also worth mentioning that even at low, this game still looks f*****g sex.
Posted 06:45pm 08/10/11
Yea there is little difference between low and high, I'm on low and it's bad in combat, fine for running about though.
Posted 06:46pm 08/10/11
Also according to here, squad management will be in game as well;

1. Squad issues: Cannot play with friends within same squad, squads get split up onto opposite teams, etc.

There will be improved squad functionality in the retail game (including but not limited to): the ability to create squads prior to launching into a game, sticking with your squad when joining a game and continuing together through future games (If team balance on the server allows it), inviting friends to a squad and changing squads once in game.
Posted 06:51pm 08/10/11
I had a couple of good runs in the jets (for my first ever go at Caspian border/flying jets).

My first experience at flying a jet was taking off from the middle of the map after someone bailed and the plane survived. Being engineer I shouted "you beauty! I'll fix this baby up and fly her outta 'ere"..
After lagging all over the place and finally taking off I found out why it was abandoned, it was a bugged to hell plane :(

My next two experiences were pretty good, flying with mouse + keyboard, survived about 3 minutes each time and scored a few kill, a plane or two and a helicopter taking off :)
They're mighty hard to get used to but I'll upload videos of some lengthy jet action.

I was noob at it so might not be that exciting and I'll apologize now for the jumping between interior and chase cam, I have no idea how to look around the c***pit.
Posted 06:58pm 08/10/11
Hold right mouse and move mouse around to look around... or use the hat switch on your joysti..... oh wait nvm.
Posted 07:38pm 08/10/11
Just got out of match with Mephz, carved it up. Covered his ass to much while he was flying around in his jet.
Posted 07:47pm 08/10/11
Haha, I'll upload a video of a guy chasing Eorl in a jet and me shooting down the bastard chasing him.
I've aptly dubbing it Saving Private Froodle ;)

Compressing the now. Have an epic long 10 minute flight shooting down choppers, many planes, coming about 30cm from the ground after shooting down a chopper and more ;)

Much fun, I dont think a joystick is really necessary, I do use DPI switching a heck of a lot thought when flying. Max sens when wanting to do tight turns and lowering when trying to aim. I think a joystick would be much smoother though.
I might see if I can get a PS3 controller to act as a joystick, anybody tried that yet?

edit - also I think I worked out how the warning alarms in the Jet work. As alarm is sounding you have an incoming rocket that will hit. Turn sharply and the warning goes away. Straighten up and it'll start again, I think as long as you're not hearing the warning it means it will miss. I'm not 100% certain on this though.
Also I apparently you unlock missiles for the jets later?

last edited by Mephz at 19:47:09 08/Oct/11
Posted 07:46pm 08/10/11
Yeah, while flying the mouse/keyboard combo seemed responsive enough to not really need a joystick, but I can see the more dedicated ones using a joystick.
Posted 07:49pm 08/10/11
Having so much fun on caspian, camping out the Forest check-point, C4in' tanks rattling buy pretty epic fun, can't wait now for it live!!

IGN have 2 new vids up of 2 new unseen maps, worth having a look at
Posted 08:57pm 08/10/11
Hell yeah this map is so cool. I could play this game for days, bring on release.
Posted 08:57pm 08/10/11
Screencap from video I'm uploading of some jet action.

This reminds me of the topgun birdie scene :)

That's an enemy jet I was turning in and shooting at, can see the other pilot! No collision occurred here either very close :)

Posted 09:22pm 08/10/11
Argh, original was 4gb, I compressed it too much :(

I'll fix it all tomorrow with part2 :(

*edit* actually wait, what?! when I embedded it, it actually looks okay now.. I'm so youtube noob!

last edited by Mephz at 21:22:58 08/Oct/11
Posted 10:18pm 08/10/11
Hey Mephz, do you just use Fraps for video capture? I'd like to start capturing epic moments, but don't really want the 4GB files that come with the use of Fraps...
Posted 10:29pm 08/10/11
Conquest -_-
Posted 10:44pm 08/10/11
Screenshot of how it looks on my rig.

Say what, Casa?? Conquest boring?? surely you jest.
Posted 10:46pm 08/10/11
Fave part of BF2 conquest was lying with a bazooka in bushes and waiting for a random jeep full of enemies to drive past and nail em.

Worst part was waiting the whole game and not having 1 jeep drive past.

Rush FTW.
Posted 12:26am 09/10/11
Turns out to fix my artifacting I've been getting in BF3 I had to downclock my GPU a little. A fair few other people have been getting it. Strangely my GPU temp doesn't go high and fan only reach 50%. I get no artifacting in Metro too :/
Posted 01:03am 09/10/11
Cool Video Mephz. FRAPS records in its own codec which is only slightly compressed which is why its has a huge file size. I recommend using VirtuaDub to compress it to xvid or divx or whatever you prefer.
Posted 01:15am 09/10/11
Strangely my GPU temp doesn't go high and fan only reach 50%.

I dunno what card you have, but I have a gtx 590 and I wasn't happy with the way the fan ramps up by default, I felt it was letting temps get too high before upping the fan, and then not upping the fan enough. I use MSI Afterburner now, and it lets you adjust the curve that represents the fan speed at different temperatures, and made it ramp my fan up a lot sooner.

By default the increase in fan speed is pretty gradual until the card gets really hot, like 80 degrees plus, and I'm not comfortable really having my card get that hot in the first place. So now I have it increase linearly with the temperature. So at 50 degrees, fan is at 50%, at 60 degrees, 60%, etc. Now my card idles between 35 and 40 degrees and only hits about 65 to 70 under load, much happier with that. And the fan on the gtx 590 is suprisingly inoffensive, even at high speeds. Unlike my old Radeon 5970 which used to sound like a jet engine taking off when the fan was above 50%
Posted 09:03am 09/10/11
I've got MSI afterburner loaded, haven't fiddled with the fan speed. Highest temp I reached was 75 degrees. Might up it a little after 60 deg and see if that helps. Even with the clock downclocked I'm still getting great FPS on High.

I very much hope Nvidia sort out their next driver update soon so I can put these beta drivers to rest.
Posted 11:08am 09/10/11
Part 2! (direct continuation off part 1).
Posted 11:13am 09/10/11
console remains the same

aka s***
Posted 11:16am 09/10/11
anyone had a go of this on ps3 yet? whats the 30fps like?
Posted 11:32am 09/10/11
The 30FPs would be like what is in my videos?
As that is what I captured it at?

Granted, on a 590 it sits hard on 30 and a ps3/360 might drop lower than that at times (someone could confirm that?).

last edited by Mephz at 11:32:21 09/Oct/11
Posted 11:58am 09/10/11
Another video.
Big jet train of:

Me Attacking --> Some Guy trying to shoot down --> Eorl trying to shoot down --> some other guy.

last edited by Mephz at 11:58:30 09/Oct/11
Posted 01:22pm 09/10/11
Is the engineer's anti-air seeking rocket a big deal for pilots, or is it not even worth us firing them?
Posted 01:33pm 09/10/11
so the game still looks awesome on low settings cause having to go back to my 260 after the blow out.. what's high look like are there any comparison photo gifs?
Posted 02:30pm 09/10/11
Now we need someone to recreate this frag

Posted 02:54pm 09/10/11
Now we need someone to recreate this frag

Dunno if that was setup but holy f***. wow.
Posted 03:19pm 09/10/11
Eclipse_Mercs is my handle, Add me if you want.
Posted 03:43pm 09/10/11
Is the engineer's anti-air seeking rocket a big deal for pilots, or is it not even worth us firing them?
They are a pain in the ass when you don't have flares.
once you get flares, they're nothing to worry about, unless they are being spammed by a lot of people + once more pilots have heatseekers to force other pilots to blow their flares etc. etc. they'll be more useful.

I guess the short answer is: nope, not a waste at all.
they do 41% damage a pop. If the plane is already damaged a little bit then it'll disable the plane which makes it doomed as it will slowly die.

I'll upload another vid with missiles and flares, it just turns you into a death machine against pilots without it.
Posted 03:55pm 09/10/11
Having not played games seriously for quite a while, I must say I was pretty impressed with the world visuals/sun flare etc... however... did I see a plane... uhhh bounce around on the ground in that part 2 video?

I think you touched the ground at one point too in that last vid.

Don't most jets usually explode in a firey ball off death when they touch the ground at speed?

Posted 04:22pm 09/10/11
holy s*** at that move
Posted 05:14pm 09/10/11
Moar Jets! now with flares and missiles!

Posted 06:01pm 09/10/11
AHAHa I parachuted on top of that really big tower. I could snipe almost across the map.

I got headshot at 391m, awwwww yerrrr. I was sniping The Hilltop from E.
Posted 07:04pm 09/10/11
I saw someone do that like an hour ago, maybe it was you... you also placed a mob spawn on the metal bar up there?

I also C4'd Hogs T90 haha. I've decided to upgrade my PC as I just need it to run this game and it's struggling with others.
Posted 07:08pm 09/10/11
I also C4'd Hogs T90 haha. I've decided to upgrade my PC as I just need it to run this game and it's struggling with others.

You did, Zapo was in the tank too. Sssoo mad, we were trying to kill the tank at D (? or whatever was the spot ahead).

I blowed up koopz too so it was alll good. Had a good run with nats in a T90 the other day, killed a lotta infantry.
Posted 07:12pm 09/10/11
I had a mob spawn on the bit you can climb up to. When I spawned there I landed on the metals bars above and stayed their all game for super long hard sniping lolz.
Posted 09:05pm 09/10/11
You can tear down an enemy tank using the repair tool as well, I was doing that to a tank last night. Eventually the driver got out to find me and shoot me, but I shot him first, fixed the tank and took it for my own :)
Posted 09:13pm 09/10/11
Man I spent about 3 minutes in a jet before and couldn't get any points :|
Posted 10:19pm 09/10/11
I'm not bothering with air vehicles until they fix joystick support, but I'm plenty happy just running about as an engi blowing s*** up.
Posted 10:24pm 09/10/11
Support with UMP and C4. Man tank drivers are ignorant of their surroundings.
Posted 10:41pm 09/10/11
Uninstalling Beta now, it was bloody fun, I can't wait until retail launch...
Posted 12:50am 10/10/11

God damn that was a fun round.
Posted 01:02am 10/10/11
i cant change to 1920x1080 .... annoying... i use it in every other game and its fine...
Posted 01:19am 10/10/11
Its pretty fun, but I think I just suck too much at it, dunno how long getting my ass kicked will last before it gets old.
Posted 07:56am 10/10/11
Caspian Borders is the bomb, the way BF is supposed to be.. can't wait for that on hardcore mode. I hope they fix up the map before release, it just seems pretty pointless at the moment. My first go at Caspian and I had no idea where to go because of the zoom level.
Posted 09:26am 10/10/11
Yeah it needs to zoom out when your choosing what squad member to spawn on as well.
I spawned on one last night and I think it was in the forest, anyways I started looking around to see where I was and BOOM! Tollazor nails me for like the 5th time that night :P
Posted 09:44am 10/10/11
Hmm apparently in the full version with terrain 3.0 enabled that tower will be able to be taken down.
Take out supports then take out the tower.
Posted 10:32am 10/10/11
It seems the GA servers kick you if you didn't install the PB setup at the start of the beta.

That's why it kicks you (It says admin kicks after a minute of gameplay).

Just incase anyone still needed to know..
Posted 01:05pm 10/10/11
I'm still having trouble trying to sell the sides apart half the time, and its usually that second of hesitation that gets me killed (or its a sniper camping halfway accross the map)

While Caspian Borders definitely felt more like Battlefield, I seemed to do better on Metro. My kills to deaths ratio was awful on Caspian Borders, and I spent large chunks of the game running around aimlessly slogging it from capture point to capture point on foot, only to die when I got there and start all over again (in true Battlefield style). Without a full map its really hard to get an overall picture in my mind of how everythings laid out too.

Its also the first time I've missed the ability to start your own server, cos it would be handy to just start an empty server and run around the map and find out where everything is. For example, after 3 or 4 games on that map I still have no idea where the planes or helicopters spawn, cos they're always taken so fast.
Posted 01:02pm 10/10/11
Yep i agree, i needed a full map to take it all in.

Overall i'm super impressed with this " beta " and i feel pretty safe putting in my pre-order now.

Well done EA =)
Posted 01:49pm 10/10/11
I had a good run with Python yesterday. We rushed from the US Deployment to the checkpoint. Owned it down there. After no time I checked the score and I was 11:3 and pyth was 12:2.

We lost the checkpoint and I spawned at Forest. Didn't get another kill for the entire round :-) Ended up about 11:15 or something.

python needs to fix whatever it is on his PC that GameArena hates so he stops dc'n.
Posted 02:06pm 10/10/11
Well done EA =)

Well done DICE =)
Posted 02:13pm 10/10/11
God damn that team sucked Mephz. Seriously, I rage so hard when team mates don't help cap or just sit and do s*** all at base. Wish people actually tried to do s***...

Also, if you can't tell whose who, then just hover over em, a friendly will have their name appear.
Posted 02:24pm 10/10/11
My only regret from the beta is that squad management was so dysfunctional, it made co-ordinating s*** next to impossible. A few times I got into a squad that at the very least worked together and spawned on each other, made taking objectives a lot easier.

A few times from our teamspeak server we managed to jag 2-3 people in a squad and it was a much better experience than having a random squad of a bush sniper, some guy waiting to crash a plane and a lone john rambo who doesn't want you anywhere near him ><

There is an awesome "tactic" of grabbing a couple of jeeps from RU, motoring down the field and hitting the rocks above Checkpoint with the pedal to the metal - you fly about 100m right into the checkpoint, usually to be thrown from the jeep. Strategically it had mixed success, but its lots of fun and must look crazy-Vash-gf-hilarious to the defenders :P
Posted 02:59pm 10/10/11
lol eorl. no probs, joining you again now.
I was in the plane so didnt notice too much.
I try to hit the ground as much as I can but really, it seems to do next to no damage!
Even to infantry when definitely hitting it seems to do bugger all
Posted 03:08pm 10/10/11
Bahah, that round was awesome. Scored 12584 points, gotta love capping s*** and actually doing things. Also, AT Mines are sooooo good.
Posted 04:06pm 10/10/11
AT Mines

one gripe(sp?) i have about these is you cant shoot them to explode them.

have mine on ground, person walks over and u shoot the mine and it doesnt explode?
Posted 04:17pm 10/10/11
12584 points, f***, I'm lucky if I get 1000 :(
Posted 04:39pm 10/10/11
I got 43000 points... Scored 2 medals and a bunch of other stuff. Not sure if it was a bug or not :/
Posted 04:43pm 10/10/11
f*** me thats a s***load of points :/
Posted 04:57pm 10/10/11
one gripe(sp?) i have about these is you cant shoot them to explode them.
put them on the bonnet of a jeep and ram tanks
Posted 05:00pm 10/10/11
Well done DICE =)
Posted 05:01pm 10/10/11
What time does the beta end for us?
Posted 06:27pm 10/10/11
that ^

+ any word on whether the beta download will be a portion of the final download or is it a completely new 10gb or how ever big it is?
Posted 07:57pm 10/10/11
10pm our time apparently. Same as when beta went up. And Scoobs I reckon whole new download, due to changes etc.
Posted 08:44pm 10/10/11
damn :( hope they allow some sort of pre-downloading well before release
Posted 09:09pm 10/10/11
No it is 8pm our time. Learn to time convert.

Beta is over. Was great.

I ended it today with taking out a chopper with a single tank shot. Taking out a chopper whilst a chopper gunner and took out a jet in a jet. Hooray.
Posted 09:10pm 10/10/11
boxed game for fixah wooo!
Posted 09:35pm 10/10/11
Posted 09:37pm 10/10/11
I upgraded my PC today, got about an hour in game after doing so, running smooth on high, was nice. Though honestly I could not tell the difference from low settings visually.
Posted 09:39pm 10/10/11
Yeah, I shot down a helicopter with a tank tonight, so epic.

Do the helicopters only have room for 1 person now? Like the apache gunships and stuff? Or are people just d*******s and fly off by themselves without waiting for a second person?

Also, the game really needs some kind of way to do a "Hey I need a ride" voice thing, so people don't just take off in jeeps and stuff without you.
Posted 09:42pm 10/10/11

I had a match where I tried to run a dude over in a jeep, but he just stopped me dead like a rock... then he shot me.

Later in the same match I was in a jet, and I crashed into the ground... only to have hit an enemy guy, killed him and bounced back into the air unharmed.

Go figure.
Posted 09:44pm 10/10/11
Rofl at the end of that video python.
Posted 09:44pm 10/10/11
Hahaha I had some random put an AT-mine on the hood of my jeep, it stuck so I of course drove it into an enemy tank, hilarity ensued.
Posted 09:44pm 10/10/11
Posted 10:02pm 10/10/11
Maybe a few years ago we would have been handed jets that weren't a yawn to fly and had handling that didn't feel like you were riding a wet towel.

Even when retail comes and jets get the few bombs that will be available their main job will be taking out the enemy jets, which means all jets will do is remove 4 or more people from the field of play.

The environment of caspian, while nice to look at, had way to much going on.

Way too much cover to check before moving out in the open, flags become a game of who can prone in a bush the best.

By default BF3 will be better than BC2, but it won't be much of a game all together if DICE hold fast to having next to zero learning curve.
Posted 10:03pm 10/10/11
Posted 10:15pm 10/10/11
I had a match where I tried to run a dude over in a jeep, but he just stopped me dead like a rock.

Yeah, I had some weirdness trying to run over people. A couple of times it worked and I killed them with the jeep, other times it just pushed them along in front of me without hurting them, even when I hit them at max speed.
Posted 11:29pm 10/10/11
F*** Python, I lost it at 48s with the gun shooting in the air.
Posted 11:45pm 10/10/11
Fark. Didnt get to play caspian. Ohhh well. Is that it until retail?
Posted 12:02am 11/10/11
Sure is CTD :(
Posted 12:03am 11/10/11
Way too much cover to check before moving out in the open, flags become a game of who can prone in a bush the best.

Actually, flags become a game of who can clear the area of prone soldiers in a bush best. Learn2Clear.

I liked the copious amounts of hiding spots, makes you think about your approach. I'm looking forward to seeing other maps. I want a 64 player city map...
Posted 12:17am 11/10/11
Yeah I liked the vast amounts of cover and the map design overall, The forest area reminded me of the first few eps of Band of Brothers :P
Posted 12:29am 11/10/11
Now we need someone to recreate this frag

here ya go:

Posted 05:25am 11/10/11
Nice find Python. Its sad we now have to wait another 15 days to play it again. Probably be more than 15 for me cause of buying it from Dungeon Crawl.
Posted 08:20am 11/10/11
F*** Python, I lost it at 48s with the gun shooting in the air.
haha yeah that was great and not far from reality.
Posted 07:33pm 11/10/11
Posted 07:39pm 11/10/11

Some 300 - 900m shots in there

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Posted 07:44pm 11/10/11

The end...hah
Posted 07:47pm 11/10/11
that ^

+ any word on whether the beta download will be a portion of the final download or is it a completely new 10gb or how ever big it is?
almost certainly a whole new download.

I have been working with one of the DICE guys to do whatever we can to ensure they have some sort of distribution mechanism that takes into account download caps; I don't have any good news yet but will update once I have more info.
Posted 07:50pm 11/10/11

for speaker using people, swearing involved in the above video.
Posted 08:10pm 11/10/11
Is there any way to tell the difference between friendly and enemy bomb robots? No indicator seemed to show up over their head.
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