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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:44am 07/10/11 | 8 Comments
According to Eurogamer, who found out via French site,, Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks are officially attached to the Halo film, which is apparently coming to cinemas sometime in 2012.

As noted on Gamepron though, this is looking unlikely and seems to just be your classic case of lost in translation.

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Posted 01:49pm 07/10/11
I have to be completely honest and say I never really tried Halo at all. I hear so much about it I often feel obliged to try it out. Then I might be able to enjoy said movie!

Is it really worth giving it a go on xbox? Is it a console only game?
Posted 01:56pm 07/10/11
I've only played the first one, it had mad 3v3 or 4v4 console multiplayer in highschool.

Is available on PC though, if you wanted to check it out, and is goodish. First generation xbox launch title graphics are probably going to make your eyes bleed though, might be moddable.
Posted 01:58pm 07/10/11
I've played and finished every halo and I couldn't for the life of me tell you the storyline.
Posted 02:45pm 07/10/11
Halo is oar-sum. Imma play it all this weekend. I'm even having a "Halloween Halo LAN Linen Party" later this month. (You gotta cater for the women, see.) It's not for everybody, but it IS for me. I've played the games, read the books and I can't wait to see the movie. Any Halo-ers wanna hit me up on XBL, My gamertag is Shufti. Good sorts only please. Fun > Winning.
Posted 06:25pm 09/10/11
I hope Spielberg isn't attached to the film. I just don't see him being able to create the film people want.
Posted 07:59pm 09/10/11
Would probably be like the Doom movie, loads of action but a non existent story line.
Posted 08:01pm 09/10/11
In that movie's defence, since when have any ID games had a story worth a damn? (I haven't seen the movie).

Halo, I imagine, the IP holders would ensure has a consistent story, at the very least so that they can release more in the franchise.
Posted 08:12pm 09/10/11
They (Spielberg + Dreamworks) just have to do something like Red vs Blue and it'll be awesome.
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