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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:15pm 06/10/11 | 15 Comments
While out at the recent Tokyo Game Show, AusGamers came across some DICE guys and Battlefield 3 single-player, amidst myriad cos-players, JRPGs and massive lines for the PlayStation Vita.

So what did we learn? Well, we already went hands-on with the game, but also spoke to EA DICE Community Manager Daniel Matros and Marketing Manager Gustav Enekull about the game's narrative, co-op, potential for single-player DLC and learnt that the team think that what they've crafted in the shooter story space is "the bomb".

Click here for our video interview and transcript feature.

battlefield 3co-opdicedlceavideo interview
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:02pm 06/10/11
bomb diggity co op
Posted 07:40pm 06/10/11
Bombs away.
Posted 08:21pm 06/10/11
Gone are the days of open-ended singleplayer where you can make choices. It amazes me that an old game like Goldeneye had more replay value than anything these days despite being so linear, simply because you can go multiple routes through a level. I guess there's a tradeoff between cinematic wow factor and replay value.

Good thing multiplayer will be awesome!
Posted 10:28pm 06/10/11
Who really replays single player games anymore though? I know I never do
Posted 10:48pm 06/10/11
I play single player games constantly. I've played through Bioshock, Mass effect, CoD4, Bully, GTAIV and GoW1+2 SOOOOO many times. I will never be sick of them. I do totally agree with Stalfax, having just those little choices increases the re playability just that little bit more.
Posted 10:59pm 06/10/11
the team think that what they've crafted in the shooter story space is "the bomb".

I'm sure the people who designed the Street Sweeper Simulator thought they were making an awesome game too. You don't buy games like CoD for battlefield for story. You buy it for MP action.
Posted 11:32pm 06/10/11
I still play single player games. My all time favourite game, and number 2&3 is single player (UFO:Enemy Unknown, Fallout 1 & 2). My 4th favorite game of all time is multiplayer, although I spent much more time in the single player portion the multiplayer cemented it though, Doom 1&2.

Singleplayer games still do and always will have a place.

Posted 12:00am 07/10/11
One of the best single player game for me is Metal Gear Solid.

I mean in what game do you have to swap your controller from the player 1 port to the player 2 port just so a telepathic psychokinesis mind reader can't read your moves? Man that s*** was hype.
Posted 11:58pm 06/10/11
I played heaps of single player games, but I rarely (if ever) replay a game I've already finished.
Posted 12:18am 07/10/11
On the topic on scripted linear gameplay, it seems some people think linear == bad. It really doesn't always, and in the case of BF3, I think it's absolutely the best choice.

They have this amazing new engine to show off and the best way to do that is with f***off awesome scripted cinematic sequences throughout a campaign. I have no doubt there's going to be plenty of those as well as some amazing environments and set-pieces.

What I'm the most skeptical about however, is DICE's ability to tell a decent serious story. I did like the Bad Company campaigns, but they depended heavily on humour and not taking themselves seriously at all. BF3 has to feel genuine and gritty all the way through and that's going to be way harder.
Posted 12:19am 07/10/11
Heh Fixah, I could never get over the older MGS series, was to much fun. Especially when you get stealth, god that was hilarious.
Posted 12:59am 07/10/11
I'm looking forward to the co-op.
Posted 02:23am 07/10/11
I don't really want cinematic scripted sequences, I want the be the director of my own path in a game. If I want to shoot at some barrels to blow up some dudes or create a path, It should be if I want to and not when prompted or scripted to.

I am sure the single play for BF3 will be fine in regards/comparison to other FPS single player but I am glad it comes with multiplayer. Dice should not quit its day job if you understand what I mean. I can only hope they just do multiplayer in the next BF instalment.
Posted 03:28am 07/10/11
co-op fps is always my fav, but considering friends aren't around always to play it, and PvE isn't always able to be done over and over, PvP has a good place for the time between and after.
Posted 06:03am 07/10/11

Who really replays single player games anymore though? I know I never do
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